BELOW DECK MED Natasha Webb prior yacht crash details

Below Deck Med chief stew Natasha Webb prior boat crash details

The entire Below Deck Med Season 7 crew had a harrowing moment early in the charter season when the S/Y Home lurched dramatically after the super yacht’s stabilizers went out. The experience was particularly harrowing for chief stew Natasha Webb because she had a very similar — but much worse — experience on a previous yacht.

“I’ve been on a boat that fell on its side, so I’ve got, like, quite bad PTSD,” Natasha explained soon after the stabilizers were repaired and the clean up had begun. “So this is really screwing with me right now.”

Natasha then shares some specific details about her experience as Bravo shares frightening photos of a large yacht turned on its side beside a dock.

In 2019 I was on a 90-meter yacht, and the boat tipped on its side. I just remember crying, thinking, ‘This is it. I’m going to die.’

I called to start taking names of the crew lists, and people weren’t answering. There were electrical smells, fuel spilling everywhere. I couldn’t even get out of the door; I tried.

The crane craned off three people at a time. We were really lucky that nobody died.

I’m a person in general to put on a brave face. You carry on. You have no other choice, otherwise, you’re gonna fail.

MY Nero Yacht Crash Details

The superyacht that fell on its side was the 90-meter M/Y Nero. The incident happened at the Amico & Co refit yard in Genova, Italy during drydock operations in September of 2019.

There were initial reports of several people being injured, four of them seriously. However, Dohle Yachts soon issued a press release and clarified that there were no serious injuries:

At 1530 hrs local time on 10th September 2019 at Amico Shipyards Dock number 1 in Genoa during drydocking operations, MY NERO listed to port and came to rest at an angle of about 30 degrees within the dock.

The yacht did not contact the dock wall and appears to have suffered only minimal damage though the surveys and inspections are ongoing. There has been no pollution or risk to the environment.

The crew safely left the yacht after the incident and there were no serious injuries sustained.

As managers of MY NERO we are working closely with the team onboard, the shipyard and all relevant authorities to rectify the situation.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Amico & Co also issued a press release with details about what happened and the injuries sustained by the crew members:

On the 10th September at around 3pm, Motor Yacht Nero, situated in Dry-dock n.1 managed by Ente Bacini in Genoa Port for the purpose of undergoing maintenance works with Amico & Co, listed during the pumping out phase of dry-docking, for reasons that are yet to be ascertained.

Emergency services, coastguard, fire services, Ente Bacini and Amico & Co emergency responders intervened immediately. Six crew members sustained slight injuries and were immediately assisted at the dry-dock facility; five of these were taken to the hospital for further tests and were then all released from the hospital during the course of the evening.

The vessel is now in a stable condition and inspections and operations to secure it are ongoing.

Information About MY Nero

MY Nero is a spectacular 90-meter superyacht built in 2007, but with an an early 20th century aesthetic. “Inspired by the elegance of the Golden Age of the 1920s, NERO Yacht delivers a refined travel experience where her guests’ relaxation is the destination on every itinerary,” reads the vessel’s website.

More about superyacht Nero from the site:

Artfully modelled after the J.P. Morgan Corsair, NERO Yacht epitomises all the elegance and opulence of the 1920’s era. Commissioned by Neil Taylor, NERO bears a striking resemblance to the Corsair IV, which set sail as a luxury vessel after serving in World War II.

This superyacht delivers a refined traveling experience with the classic, lavish aesthetic of 1920s yachting.

According to Burgess Yachts, MY Nero sleeps 12 guests in 6 cabins and features a crew of 12.

Nero can be chartered during the summer months for a weekly rate between $495,000 and $525,000.

Here is a photo of Natasha Webb aboard the MY Nero with the rest of her sizable crew:

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