BELOW DECK Captain Glenn posts sexy vacation pics with girlfriend Dani Jimenez

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Captain Glenn Shepard is living his best life with new girlfriend Danelis ‘Dani’ Jimenez.

The couple has been on countless vacations in a few short months, and the reality star has shared some romantic images of the pair on their adventures.

Who is Captain Glenn’s girlfriend?

Danelis ‘Dani’ Jimenez is Captain Glenn Shepard’s new girlfriend and the pair seem to have jet-setting in common.

Instagram official in November 2022, the Dominican beauty primarily speaks Spanish, though Canadian Shepard’s first language is English.

The Below Deck star acknowledged the complicated language barrier in a post from December 13:

Our relationship is a bit complicated due to language differences. The crazy thing is it works, we [kind of] have an unspoken language, and we rarely have big arguments as we simply lack the linguistic tools to express that depth of resentment, it’s at these moments that I call her Danelis, luckily they are rare and short-lived.

The witty Captain likes to update fans with humor, so we don’t really know if the above story, or this one of the two meeting on a plane is true… but we sure do think its cute if it is:

World Travellers

The pair have been travelling for the past few months, continually updating fans along the way.

Most recently the two visited Ciudad de Las Ciencias Y Las Artes de Valencia where they posed for some cozy snaps in the City of Arts and Sciences.

The flirtatious couple posted adorable Christmas photos from Castile-La Mancha, where Jimenez looked adorable in a Santa cap.

Glenn Shepard in love

Captain Glenn shared a long post in which he comes clean about everything we need to know about Jimenez.

It turns out, the pair has actually been dating for a long time, though their status was “complicated.”

Shepard comments on the “match made in heaven” saying:

Neither of us are married nor engaged, but I can report we are very much in love, and for us, that’s what counts.

We are so happy for this adorable couple!

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