Jon Hamm on the 90s dating show The Big Date is ‘total fabulosity’

Jon Hamm on 90s dating show The Big Date

What could be better on a Friday than watching a long-haired Jon Hamm vying for the love of a woman on some random 90s dating show called The Big Date?

All of this episode from 1996 is Don Draper gold but we’ve cued up two of the highlights for ya’ll if you ain’t got time for the full monty.

Let’s meet the 25-year-old waiter!

So Jon, how are you gonna make Mary feel special?

“Well… We’d start off with some fabulous food, a little fabulous conversation with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulosity.”

I guess you could call this a spoiler alert but it turns out that the ladies weren’t about young Hamm as he was passed by for the other available studs. I mean how could he stand a chance against a guy with hair like this dude!?!

Jon Hamm The Big Date

The show rolls on with all the awkward, over-the-top advances we all love when munching on some Nutella covered yummies and watching reruns of a show like this but sadly it doesn’t include a dejected Jon. For the sake of full disclosure, however, here’s the entire episode:

Images: YouTube / Lighthearted Entertainment

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