BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Paul and Karine break up again amid cheating allegations

Before the 90 Days Paul and Karine split again

The AmazON-again, AmazOFF-again relationship between Before the 90 Days star Paul Staehle and his Brazilian fiancée Karine appears to be back off, less than two days after Paul launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money so that she could return to her home village for Christmas.

OF COURSE the recent drama played out on Facebook, where Paul essentially provided a live play-by-play as the drama escalated and he eventually deleted his account.

Everything started with Paul commenting on the fact that Karine has been receiving numerous scrotographs from male suitors. “Karine Martins told me tonight she may delete her Facebook over all the penis pictures she is receiving,” Paul wrote.

I’m wondering if perhaps Karine didn’t respond to at least one of the dicktures as the Paulranoia escalated quickly. “One thing I will not tolerate is cheating,” Paul posted. He also revealed that the Karine Christmas fundraiser had been cancelled! Paul stated flatly:”Due to recent events go fund me page is canceled.” (I checked, and yep, it’s gone.)

In additional postings, Paul added the following:

It hurts when you see someone’s true colors and they are not what you thought they really were.

I am expected to not talk to certain people. To allow full unrestricted access to all my accounts. Be faithful not flirt . Show my conversations and allow my significant other to respond . No secrets fully transparent. I have changed for the better slowly over the years … But apparently some people never change ….

He also clarified: “For the record she deleted me off of Facebook I did not delete her.”

Judging from a screen cap floating around in fan groups, Karine posted this irate response to Paul’s comment about “true colors:”

Paul Staehle Facebook breakup Karine response

Airing out his relationship issues on Facebook is nothing new for Paul, and something that Karine has expressed her frustration over in the past. After Pauls statement above, he received a couple of comments suggesting that he keep the personal stuff off of Facebook, including some sage wisdom from 90 Day Fiance star, and sushul meedya drama casualty, Danielle Jbali:

To many people are getting involved and both are talking to people you don’t know. I messaged you in the beginning and told you make your pages private and don’t give info to fans. These people don’t have your best interest. Don’t post that you guys are fighting either on Facebook.

Karine’s Facebook page is still active, but her only post over the last couple of days is when she checked in at a school for learning English in Manaus.

In case you missed it, Paul and Marine were filming for TLC again, so I assume we will all know more when the show (After Before the 90 Days?) airs — or when Paul returns to Facebook. My money is on the latter happening before the end of the weekend.

Before the 90 Days Paul Karine back together again

UPDATE – Annnnnnnd they’re back together again. Paul and Karine are back to being lovey dovey on soshull meedja, and Paul has restarted the GoFundMe campaign to get Karine home for Christmas. It appears he has lowered the goal to $600 this time.

After being criticized for asking for donations, Paul took to Facebook to explain:

FAQ: If you make so much money from tv why do you have a donation account for Karine?

We are treated very good by production. Also yes we do get paid. However our story is extremely expensive and difficult for production. It costs production probably more on our story than any other couple. We had 2 full production teams American and a Brazilian team. 24 7 Federal security officers and 24 7 translators. Flights for crew and equipment and visas. Production budget was pushed to the max and than some. As for our money we made. Production is not allowed to pay for any travel, lodging, on screen translators, or in any way Aid in the Visa process or pay towards any of it. So all this was financed and paid with me and Karine’s money. We really enjoy filming and will continue to film for all to enjoy and learn from our well my many mistakes along this crazy journey. Production has done all they could to make recent filming a very positive experience. I hope everyone really enjoys the continuation of our story next season. I can not Thank production and our positive supporters enough ???

And more feedback from Paul in the comments section:

Production has also been sooo patient dealing with our rollercoaster of epic drama….

People forget we had to fly and take the boats . And they charge for all the people and all the baggage a lot higher on brazil flights and boats. My baggage alone cost me 255 extra from America to brazil. From manaus to tonantins that travel for my baggage cost well over 1000. That’s just my stuff….4 foot lockers a duffle and 2 back packs… and my mosquitos bed net bag.

I am sure after the robbery on season one and near robbery recently security will be increased which will cost a lot more money.

If it as not for our security they would have easily lost all their filming equipment. Luckily no one was hurt and only one phone was stolen .

Our security was awesome to us and did a great job

COMMENTER: Maybe you might think about cutting down on the baggage? You really only wore one outfit the entire series. You’re paying a ton for things that are large and bulky but weigh little… Like the zoo of stuffed animals you bring. Have you considered leaving two or three changes of clothes there and not bringing any luggage??? I moved in and out of remote Alaska three times, not anchorage… The Northwest Arctic Borough. You’re working harder, not smarter. You don’t need all that crap. And if you want to send her food that she can’t get there, send it by mail, include some lightweight books and it’s media mail. Not the fastest, but it is cheap and gets there.

This was only trip one. Never again will I haul so much stuff up river. Was a serious learning experience. And same outfit was because it was #insectshield treated and only thing that kept me from getting ate up nothing else seemed to work. But now I have a variety of insect shield cloths I bought after I learned how effective it was. As for mail to Tonantins. Tonantins has no incoming trucks or planes. Everything goes via boat with or without me.

COMMENTER: Paul how do the people over there protect themselves from insects?

Spray, vaccines, immune systems. They seem to like my blood or scent more.

COMMENTER: When you bring karine over here she won’t want to go back home. I hope her parents can visit her when she moves here. I had to cringe when you went into that river!! I bet the natives get sick from swimming in it.

I went in a second time underwear only. Dolphins hit me in an area i wish I now wore a cup.

Extra bath or 2 probably would have also helped in my case on the bugs locals bath 2 to 3 times per day.

COMMENTER: O wow I would not go back in there!! Is it warm over there now?

80s and 90s its winter so sometimes 70s

COMMENTER: I live in Pittsburgh and it’s cold here.

I am sorry

Karine has never experienced Fall or Winter. So no falling leaves or snow

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