Before the 90 Days Paul and Karine split over cheating allegations?

Before the 90 Days Paul Staehle Karine Martins break up Facebook

It appears that the “fierytale” ? romance between Before the 90 Days couple Paul Staehle and Karine Martins may have come to an abrupt halt amid cheating allegations.

The startling news broke via Paul’s Facebook page earlier today when he shared a photo of Karine’s phone with information about a contact named “Alex.” Paul, who is currently in Brazil, captioned the photo by writing: “When you love some one you don’t call or talk about sex with another man. Or blow up another man’s phone.” Paul added in the comments: “Karine told me i am bad and she loves Alex.”

Paul Staehle Karine cheating with Alex Facebook photo

Meanwhile, on Karine’s Instagram page, she posted the following in Portuguese (with the English translation from Google):

Acho que no passado uma pessoa muito má machucou o sentimento do Paul que nem eu sou capaz de ajudá-lo. Eu tentei. Não por interesses. Mas sim por achar um Paul uma pessoa boa. Deus sabe o que é melhor para cada pessoa.

I think in the past a very bad person has hurt Paul’s feeling that even I can not help him. I tried. Not for interests. But for finding a Paul a good person. God knows what is best for each person.

Soon after Paul’s posts, both he and Karine deleted their Facebook profiles. It’s unclear if that was for personal reasons, or because of show producers — who have scolded Paul before about posting spoilers on social media.

At this point, we do not know anything about this “Alex” person. It is interesting to note that the phone number has a Florida area code, so I assume it is not someone that Karine sees often (or at all) in person. Also interesting is the fact that the date listed on the contact is January, 2014. Prior to deleting his Facebook profile (again), Paul addressed the date issue when asked about it in the comments section. “Just date of the status,” he explained. “I caught them talking again today,” he added.

I exercised the skills I have learned from watching too many episodes of Catfish, and there were a few names that matched up with the phone number in the photo — including someone named Alexandria. Wait, what?! Could it be that Paul has overreacted to Karine talking with a female friend? Online phone records are notoriously unreliable, so I would have no confidence jumping to any sort of conclusion like that. It was odd though that one of only three names that turned up being associated with that number was Alexandria.

Also, I enhanced the photo and it is clear that the person holding the phone is a woman. I can’t quite piece together the narrative where Karine would be holding her phone with Alex’s contact info so Paul could snap a picture and angrily post about it on Facebook. Perhaps Paul has made a female friend in Brazil that was willing to assist?

Paul Staehle photo of Karine's phone enhanced

We will continue to monitor social media for Paul’s return, or for any other clues about Alex, and will update if we find out anything more.

UPDATE – I was just checking some fan groups for the show and a few people have actually called and/or texted the number posted by Paul! The calls went to automated voicemail, and there have been no responses to the text messages. (According to the posters in the groups.)

I will wrap up this post with our custom-made poop water animated gif, which may be symbolic of Paul’s relationship status right now:

Before the 90 Days Paul Karine poop water animated gif

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  • FrontDoorMom

    Ugh these two need to get it together. Can i PLEASE get this off my chest… how awkward was their first intimate kiss in the hotel after her std results? Omg i almost died!

    • melinehclassy

      I didn’t see it! Eww was it bad!? Paul is a freak of nature

      • FrontDoorMom

        Yes it was like he was eating her face. Idk lol

        • melinehclassy

          OOh gosh he’s so gross!! Poor girl

  • melinehclassy

    Best gif ever

  • Alisson Leech

    Paul is always jumping to conclusions. Karine deserves better than Paul.

    • KittahLove83

      Honestly he seems controlling and paranoid. Clearly he’s going after her because he’d never land a normal lady in the states behaving that way, as well as with a criminal record. She does deserves better, but I can understand her desperation to get out of her country.

      • FrontDoorMom

        His “criminal past” lol this guy acts like hes a thug in the streets with his insurance fraud lol.

        • KittahLove83

          I thought he also committed arson? And had a protective order on him? All of those combined, plus how he treats her, leads me to think he’s mentally unstable

          • ??️?ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεe??️?

            Considering his own mother gave him hair from her hairbrush/comb as a send off gift, pretty certain the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. 🙂

            • barbinop

              That was kind of freaky. Maybe make a voodoo doll with his mother’s hair while he was in the jungle.

  • sw10397

    Pauls retarded.Seriously, he’s mentally handicapped.

    • melinehclassy

      Hahahaha!! Who runs away like a little !*thc leaving his gf in a random area?? L. M. A. O. I couldn’t believe my eyes

  • Stacey J

    I always thought he was crazy anyway….here he makes her take all these tests and jump through all these hoops and then he ends up being the one with the police record…I always thought her response to him when he asked her to take all these tests should have been “I’ll take them when you take yours”.

  • barbinop

    Those are some nasty looking fingernails. Makes me wonder what’s under those claws. Lol…. that’s all that I could focus on. Karine needs to soak them nails and clean the underneath