BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Have Ximena and Mike broken up? Does Ximena have a new boyfriend? Will Mike date Jasmine?

It looks like it’s already over for Before the 90 Days‘s Ximena Morales and Mike Berk. In fact, Ximena may have already moved on.

InTouch says they have a source confirming the split, but the couples haven’t confirmed this. Ximena and Mike no longer follow each other on social media, and Ximena has removed Mike’s name from her bio.

The cracks were already starting to show with Episode 10 when Mike returned to Colombia. Ximena, who had newly highlighted hair, didn’t meet him at the airport this time. She later told the cameras that the first time Mike came to visit her, she was more in love and excited to see him.

Everything was different for her now that she’s had time to reflect. She considers him to be too clingy. Mike worsened his image in her eyes by immediately tracking dog poop into her home on his shoes.

On February 17, 2022, Instagram account @90shotzfired posted a deleted video from Ximena’s TikTok where she shows a video call with another guy along with the caption “Me enamore de tu sonrisa” which translate to “I fell in love with your smile.”

According to Screenrant Ximena reportedly claimed that someone had stolen her phone and uploaded an old video.

On february 26, 2022 @90shotzfired further clarified Ximena breakup rumors, and even shared that she may be now married to someone else.

In the post, they supported the claim that Ximena said her account was hacked. They also say they say her comment that she and Mike aren’t together anymore because she doesn’t love him. They say they have received a photo of Ximena and her sisters at a bridal shop and that they have seen her comment that she is now married. There are, however, no screenshots of these comments Ximena is said to have made.

What might have caused Mike and Ximena’s breakup?

A big point of contention in their relationship was Ximena’s desire to have plastic surgery.

In a sneak peek published on People, Ximena reveals that she would rather Mike pay for plastic surgery than a wedding dress.

“I want to say something to you,” Ximena tells Mike. “Why, if you were going to pay for my dress you don’t want to give me the money for my operation?”

“This doesn’t make sense,” Mike replies.

Ximena goes on to explain her perspective that she sees plastic surgery as an investment because she thinks she could land modeling gigs afterward. She then pressures him to give her money for her surgeries right away because she wants to go under the knife the day after he leaves for the U.S.

We know that Ximena did go on to get plastic surgery this past June. It’s unknown if Mike paid for the producer, but he did comment on one of her TikToks documenting her recovery process with three smiley faces.

In the past, Ximena has dated men much different from Mike, who works in IT support and volunteers as a firefighter. She got pregnant by one of her children’s fathers while he was in jail, and shocked Mike by sharing that she recently dated a hitman.

Another issue between Mike and Ximena was the idea of having a family together. Ximena already has two children and is looking for a father figure for her sons, a role that Mike seemed happy to step into. Her kids also loved Mike. However, Mike wants to have biological children of his own as well. Ximena doesn’t want to have any more children and has had a tubal ligation. Technically, she could reverse this with surgery, but she seems more interested in different kinds of surgery.

UPDATE: In the latest episode Ximena makes it clear that she doesn’t love Mike, and doesn’t want to be near him. It looks like their relationship was unsalvagable from the moment he came back to Colombia for the second time.

Mike and Jasmine?

To further spice things up, it looks like Mike and Before the 90 Days costar Jasmine Pineda are stirring the pot a little by flirting on social media. During an Instagram, AMA Jasmine was asked if she would date Mike. Jasmine replied that she wanted to know what he would say first before answering, so Mike obliged. “Of course,” he shared on his own Instagram story. “She is intelligent, independent and of course beautiful.”

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