Before and after 9-year-old Breanna Bond’s 66 pound weight loss

9-year-old fifth grader Breanna Bond is making headlines for losing almost 70 pounds in less than a year after struggling with bullying and mobility problems.

Breanna has a weight problem for years, weighing 100 pounds by the time she entered kindergarten. When she turne 9 earlier this year, Breana weighed 186 pounds, was constantly bullied, and had trouble keeping up with the other children. Pediatricians had told her parents for years that she would eventually grow into her body, but that didn’t seem to be happening. They had her tested for problems with her thyroid, allergies, diabetes, and her endocrinology system, and found nothing.

It was then that Breanna’s parents Heidi and Dan Bond decided to design an exercise and diet routine for the entire family. They started walking a four mile trail every single day as a family, refusing to skip a day for any reason; and stuck with a low-fat diet, keeping it to under 20 grams of fat for each person.

Breanna’s parents hope that Breanna is able to inspire kids and parents everywhere to live a healthier lifestyle.

Heidi: “She is an inspiration to the world and all children who are having weight issues across America, that you can do it with a pair of tennis shoes and motivation.”

Dan: “Don’t be afraid to do the tough love. It’s worth it in the long run. It’s their life that’s at stake.”

Breanna on GMA: