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90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days David Murphey Instagram questions Anya Lana more

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star David Murphey can’t give anything away about how his love story with his online Ukrainian love interest Lana will play out this season, but he is more than happy to talk about pretty much every other aspect of his life with fans of the show!

The now-61-year-old David took to Instagram this week to answer TONS of questions from fans on a wide range of topics including Lana, Anya’s numerous wedding proposals, why he wears solid color polo shirts that seem too large, his cats Mothra and Gamera, his job, his previous dating history, and more!

David recently did an impromptu Q&A session with fans via his Instagram stories, and reading through all of his answers certainly made me a bigger fan. Before the 90 Days is a bit notorious for featuring cast members and story lines that can seem a bit fake, and the current season is certainly no exception.

I was kind of on the fence with David, as far as whether or not his relationship with Lana was authentic or scripted for the cameras. However, after reading through David’s many, many answers to a wide range of questions, I believe we are getting an accurate picture of him. That isn’t to say that producers aren’t heavily involved with how his story with Lana is playing out on screen this season, but I do believe that David has an extensive history of dating online, including Lana (and many other Ukrainian women), and his mellow, straight-forward demeanor is exactly how we see it on the show.

I’ve gathered together most all of David’s questions and answers for you, and I’ve tried to loosely organize them by topic below. But, before I get to to those, I want to suggest that all you 90 Day Fiance fans go give David a follow on Instagram! He was a little late to the game as far as starting his account, and he has an AMAZINGLY low follower count of just 2,969 at the time of this post. My man deserves better than that. His cats Mothra and Gamera deserve better than that! 😉

Oh, and there is one thing that I should address up front. David often ends his answers with varying numbers of closed parenthesis symbols. At first I thought those were just colon-less smiley faces, but now I’m not so sure.

The Fraudcast co-hose Hanekawa shared this commentary on it: “One parenthesis ‘)’ means a friendly smile, for example, when you share good news or just say ‘hi.’ (duty smile) Two or more ))) Russians commonly use at the end of a joke message or after a cheerful story, when we want to show how funny it was and we are still laughing.” If I see a more definitive answer after sharing this post, I will try to remember to come back and update with clarification.



How old are you?

61 now.

How tall are you?

5′ 10″

What do you do for a living?

It is easiest to say I am a computer programmer. I was also an enrolled agent for preparing tax returns for HR Block. Retired from that job last year. I still do computer consulting on the side. And I have furnished rental properties that I am also selling now. One of them was the house I filmed in.

How are you holding up in isolation?

I am working more than I was before. The county where I work has some very difficult decisions to make and I have to think hard about retiring in the next few months.

Have you always lived in Las Vegas? Also do you have any favorite hobbies?

I have lived in Vegas for 25 years. I used to bowl and play golf. I spent a lot of time studying investing because I wanted a great future. I love going to restaurants with friends. And I especially love exploring the world. I see something on TV or in a movie and I want to go there to see it myself.

Where did you grow up?

Mostly in Southern California and Northern California.

Do you have children? You will like to have one at this age?

I don’t have children. And I didn’t want them before. If it happens now then so be it. I see a lot of people travel as families now.

Will you ever consider live-streaming on Instagram?

I have been on other people Live’s, but I will do it again myself when more of my story is out. Eventually I will put out information about the misconceptions people have about me and what this dating process is. It seems almost no one has any idea of what it really is.

Do you Believe in any God? If yes, who?

I believe as Mike does from last season. He just wasn’t allowed to explain himself very well. Is God human, is he of this world. The answer is no, so he is an alien. If you have traveled as much and seen the things I have seen in this world, then you would have to start thinking hmmmm…

Do you prefer Domino’s or Papa Johns?

I was a Domino’s Pizza manager in my 20’s.

Are you happy? ❣️


Did you get your RV?

Not yet. I won’t buy one until I sell everything. I can’t take all this stuff on the road and I will have no use for my remaining houses. I plan to travel 7 months of the year in Canada and Mexico and USA with the RV and international travel the rest of the year.


Is it worth it finding Lana?

I love road trips, especially in summer, so yes, it was worth it, I just wish I was alone when searching for her ))

U have Instagram, WhatsApp, FaceTime, FB, etc… no one pays to chat anymore it’s all free.

Lana didn’t have those and also translation was very tedious on the phone. The computer is borrowed from the agency and she can’t install any programs on it. There are more complex issues that I can’t go into here.


Do you think Anya is really “Lana”??? Hmmmmmm

LOL, no.

Why won’t you be with your blonde friend Anya?

Anya was the first girl I ever chatted with. She was 18 and was begging me to talk to her because nobody else was. So I did. We talked a lot and a few years later when I was in Odessa, I took her out to dinner for her birthday. Yes she is a very sweet girl, but she was only 20, come on. She was also shy, and I mean that when I went to hug her at first meeting, she was totally frozen, arms at her side and she could not look at me. This was completely opposite from girls I met on my previous two trips. So, first I did not want to risk a relationship on such a girl and 2, she very much wanted children and at that time I did not. Through the dozens of times that she asked me to marry her I would bring up the children issue and she just said I know. She got lucky I think and has a wonderful husband in Odessa.


Are you dating?

I stopped dating in the USA 15 years ago. Every time I did, I started thinking about Ukraine, so I stopped trying so my heart was free if I went to Ukraine. I have dated well over 100 women in Ukraine. Turned down many marriage proposals and I have been turned down twice myself.

What’s the youngest you would date?

Lana is the youngest but she is a special case. I have known her for 7 years, not dated. Our first two meeting attempts were much like me meeting my friend Anya. She was 25 before we were going to be serious.

Will you love to date a black girl?

I have before.

Would you ever date an American woman?

I have been engaged twice to American women. Never say never. I don’t have a problem with American women.

Have you ever been in a serious relationship?

I have been engaged twice in USA and twice in Ukraine.

Will you date a Latin girl?

I did for 10 years.

You should try dating with Asian!

I never have.

After all those marriage proposals and over 100 dates, do you still believe in love? Lol

I need more than just love. I am not really sure what that means. I need someone that really wants to live my lifestyle of travel and living part of the year traveling in an RV. And that wasn’t easy. A lot of people want vacations and then go back to their job. It is easier to find in the last year. ))


Since you love traveling, what’s your favorite place to visit? ?✈️

Right now it is Ukraine. I have been there more than 20 times for a total of 17 months. After I marry, I want to see everything in the world. So there will be little time to see places twice. But I will never tell my partner that I have already been to some place, so we have to go someplace else. We will start the traveling with a clean slate.

I know you on 90 Day Fiancé. How was your experience in Ukraine?

I love going to Ukraine. It is like my second home.

Would you date anyone over 30?

When I first went to Ukraine and Russia I would not date anyone under 30. I was 39. On my 3rd trip to Ukraine a few years later, women in their 30’s would not go out with me because they thought I was too young. This comes from their belief that Russian men do not mature to be good husbands until much later. Of all the girls that I have had serious relationships with in Ukraine Lana is the youngest by far.

What were some of the Ukrainian women’s complaints about Ukrainian men?

The women I talked to told me that they expect to be single mothers. If they got pregnant with a Ukraine man, he would skirt his responsibilities. Also they drink 4 or 5 times as much per capita as an American. They think Western men are more family oriented. Probably got this from watching so many American shows and movies. This of course does not represent the millions of single ladies in Ukraine that don’t search for a foreign man, only my experience with the 10,000 that actively search for a foreigner.

Did you visit Chernobyl when you were Ukraine?

I want to, but I am usually not in Kiev and I don’t want to go alone. Chernobyl is just north of Kiev.

Do you find a big difference in customs & culture between American & Russian women?

Yes, male and female roles are more defined and expected. It is as if we were back in the 50’s.

Are there National Chain restaurants in the UK?

In UA, yes, McDonalds.

Were the roads driving to Lana’s town as bad as Anya said? Also how long was the drive?

The road I normally take was even closed. Think 10 foot wide, 2 foot deep potholes, asphalt warped into 2 foot tall ridges in the middle of the road. Speed down to 1 mph to negotiate gaps in pavement. The alternate longer road which was decent the last time I took it was very bad this trip. It took 15 hours.

Is Ukraine your favorite country? What made you into Ukraine and the culture?

When the internet was brand new a tenant of mine showed me a website where you could meet Russian and Filipino women. I had an interest in Russians. Within months, the Ukrainian women on the site outnumbered the Russians. I went to both countries. A few years later Ukraine became more western like and you didn’t even need to have a visa to go there. Russia requires a visa and you have to register everywhere you go. It was just harder to travel in.


How long have you had your cats?

My cats Mothra and Gamera are now 16 years old. They are sisters from the same litter. I felt I needed two of them to take care of each other.

What breed is your cat and what’s his or her name?

Mothra and Gamera are bengals. One seal point lynx and the other is the normal brown tabby. Neither are show quality ))). They are F4’s, 4 generations away from the wildcat they come from.

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days David Murphey throwback pics


What’s your favorite band?

Def Leppard and Nickelback.

Have you lost weight? Your clothes always look so big on you!

I broke my neck 10 years ago and reinjured it last year. Staying on my back for 6 months caused me to gain 40 pounds. None of the shirts I would normally wear were useable for filming because the patterns or lines would shake on the video. The crew bought 25 solid shirts for me to wear. I just said get them big because I didn’t want to wear tight shirts after gaining 40 pounds ))

How did you break your neck? That’s awful!

I was stupid and carrying too much on my neck. Blew out 4 disks. My upper right arm was paralyzed for 3 months, but I was lucky and got 90% of it back.

I like your style. How do you manage to stay so stylish on the road while in Ukraine?

Haha, with my solid color polo shirts )

Do you like WWE Professional wrestling? If so who is your favorite?

Well I don’t watch, but I remember The Miz from the Real World.

What is your favorite adult beverage?

I rarely drink, but I do like mudslides and frozen daiquiris or margaritas. I like sweet.

What is your favorite Ukrainian Dish or snack?

Vareniki. With potatoes.

Have you ever tried Ethiopian food?

Not even sure what that is

What is your favorite comedy movie?

I always loved the original Can’t Buy Me Love.

Favorite movie of all time?

The Man From Earth

Boxers or briefs?

Kind of in between ))

Yes? Mmmmmmmm

Mmmmm )))
You know after spending so much time talking to Ukrainians some of their words and phrases become your own. At that is the source of this. It is a common thing they say in the chat to voice happiness and pleasure.


What made you turn to an international dating site to find love?

Originally I went on a tour to Moscow to meet Slavic women after I broke with a Ukrainian woman here in Las Vegas. I wanted to see what it was really like. Every single man should try it once, to feel as though you are a rock star. Unfortunately women can’t go there to get their men. Their women don’t even want them. Of course this is not all, just the women I was talking to.

You’re not a bad looking guy, I don’t get why you wouldn’t date women here in the US.

I wasn’t dating just to find love. It was a real adventure. A completely different culture. I would have been married many many years ago if that was my goal. I was only really serious 11 or 12 years ago and then I had some work problems and my neck issues that stopped me from traveling enough to get serious. I didn’t say to myself 10 years ago that this is going to take 10 years. I always thought it was going to happen in the current year. And then suddenly it is 10 years later. No regrets. My friends can attest to that.

Are you counting chatting with women online as dating them?

No, that is just getting to know them. That is to weed out the women that you don’t want to waste time with on a real date in Ukraine when time is limited.

Wish I could meet someone to date from Ukraine, but it seems expensive. ???

It is. Even if you did it the cheapest way possible, you are still going to be out $15,000, just to get someone here finally. But this will be the same cost if you found someone equally as far away. This is using legitimate methods of meeting someone. Never respond to someone on social media and never ever send anyone money.

What advice would you give to someone looking to date a Russian/Ukrainian woman?

Don’t do it the way I do it. If you really want a nice Ukrainian women check out My friend Mark there is the only operator doing it right in my opinion. While the staying power of a marriage to a Ukrainian partner is far greater than a domestic marriage, Mark’s stats are even higher. He has 350 marriages in his agency and only a 4% divorce rate.

How much money total have you spent on those meeting sites?

I was spending 2,000 per month dating when I was dating women in the USA. Dinners, shows, activities and travel. When the websites came out I just transferred that expense to them. I know, I know. If you earn 4K a month this is crazy money, but not if you earn 15k plus. None of this money is life changing to me.

Before the 90 Days David Murphey Facebook photo


What’s your Favorite vacation spot?

I love cruise trips. Not sure when my next one will be.

Even been to Victoria BC?

I have not been to Canada at all. First stop, Jasper and Banff.

Would you ever visit Dubai?

It is on my list.


What would you say is the biggest life change you’ve had since being on TV?

I am still just quiet Dave, but now people that I watch on TV call me. Also people stop me to say Hi in public places. Probably never get used to that.

Would you consider going on Pillow Talk?

LOL, don’t know what I would do there. Maybe if Caesar was on with me )))

Why go on Before the 90 Days? Who approached who – TLC to you or you to TLC?

I applied. Lana and I had been talking about doing a YouTube travel / adventure channel. This would have been good practice.

Favorite Before the 90 Days cast member?

I still have to go back to Paul and Karine. That was entertaining. ))

Which fellow 90 Day Fiancé alums from Las Vegas would you like to meet?

All of them. We share a common experience.



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