Before the 90 Days Meisha’s awakening included a demon Karen road rage incident

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Meisha Johnson two suns spiritual awakening

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Meisha Johnson caused quite the buzz online after she shared her spiritual awakening story involving a vision of two suns coming through her living room window while vacuuming.

However, Meisha left off the rest of her spiritual awakening story, which included a road rage incident with a Karen that Meisha believed was “evil” attempting to distract her from the vision of the two suns! Plus, Meisha took a photo of the two suns and sent it to a friend!?

First, let’s recap Meisha’s spiritual awakening story from her Before the 90 Days intro:

I was not raised with any religion. But, over a decade ago, I had a pretty profound spiritual awakening. While I was vacuuming my living room. I had a vision of two huge suns suspended out of the sky in front of my window. And the first thing that I thought was, ‘Am I having a heart attack?’

I was terrified. And I started to slink down to the ground, almost as if something was pushing me down. And there was a voice that was seared into my mind that told me to pray.

And then I was lead to the Bible. So I read it straight through to the very last paragraph of Revelation. And that led me to the steps of the Roman Catholic Church.

Meisha took a photo of the two suns

Before we get to the evil, road raging Karen sent to distract Meisha from her spiritual awakening, let’s talk about Meisha’s photo of the two suns.

The Catholic Spirit featured an article on Meisha Johnson’s awakening titled “Two Suns and a Demon” in their April 6, 2023 issue.

In the article, Meisha says she rose from her knees after praying and snapped a photo of the two suns with her cellphone. She then sent the image to her best friend via text message. From Meisha:

I said to her, ‘Run to your window. Tell me if you see this (the two suns in the sky).’ And her response to me was, ‘No, that is not out my window. But it’s definitely in your picture.’ I started fumbling around looking for my keys, trying to compose myself. I had to pick up my kids from school but just had this ‘thing’ happen to me and was feeling panicky. I started to wonder seriously if I was having a heart attack or if I was dying or something.

How awesome is that? Meisha has physical evidence of the divine phenomenon that resulted in her spiritual awakening! So, where can we see the photo?

“The cellphone photo with the two suns in the sky taken during Meisha Johnson’s initial conversion experience ‘has long since been gone,'” The Catholic Spirit sadly reported. “She and the friend she shared it with didn’t save it or have it printed.”

Not saving the photo is certainly disappointing, “but in some way, I believe that was part of God’s plan, too,” Meisha said. “Sometimes, I think he gives us something unique and special in a specific moment in time, for that time alone, and for whatever reason it was never intended to be saved, but rather remembered.”

Evil, road raging demon Karen

Despite Meisha’s life being forever changed by a divine vision of two suns, she still had two daughters that needed to be picked up from school. While driving to the school, Meisha turned on the radio in the car and was amazed that no one was talking about the two suns.

Meisha passed another woman driver who was driving slowly, “as if she was having car trouble.”

‘When I passed her coming up to a stop sign, I saw her speed up behind me as fast as she could. When I made a complete stop (at a four-way stop), she slammed on her brakes behind me, and I saw in the rearview mirror her body kind of fly around in the car.’ The woman got out of her vehicle, long, dark hair pulled in front of her face and fists tightly clenched, and walked toward Johnson’s car. ‘The first thing I thought was, ‘OK, after everything I’ve just been through, I am in no mood.”‘

Meisha rolled down her window, but quickly regretted her decision when the woman got close.

Before Johnson could roll the window back up, the woman began to speak in an angry growl. ‘I knew it was a language but not one that I had ever heard before, and nothing I could ever repeat,’ Johnson said. Years after studying sacred theology, Johnson wonders if it might have been an ancient language. ‘I do not know for sure,’ she said. ‘But at the time, I certainly had never heard anything like that. I just knew she was speaking another language in a horrible and scary tone.’

Meisha rolled up her window, but the enraged demon Karen refused to be shut out as she attempted to open the locked rear passenger door. Meisha was able to drive off, but not until after the demon Karen punched and kicked the car!

Alas, Meisha’s ordeal wasn’t over. Demon Karen got back in her car and began to chase Meisha!

Weaving between cars and cutting off traffic, “she was following at nearly impossible angles, doing anything she could to stay right by me on the road,” Johnson said. “It was hostile and scary.” Not shaking the woman, Johnson called the police, described what had happened and warned them, “something is not right with the woman.”

Newly forged spiritual warrior mom Meisha was eventually able to shake the demon Karen and “made it safely and on time to pick up her children.”

Meisha now considers the demon Karen incident and the two suns vision to be linked. “I had just had this incredible moment with my Creator. Something completely supernatural had just happened, which was to become the start of my conversion, and I think that upset evil (forces),” Meisha told The Catholic Spirit. “They wanted to disrupt what was happening.”

When was Meisha’s spiritual awakening?

Meisha Johnson’s vision of the two suns happened in 2010. This was a year after Meisha filed for divorce from her Swedish husband, and a year before the divorce was finalized.

Despite having the spiritual awakening, Meisha still pursued her television career and glamorous single lifestyle. She took the traffic reporter job with CBS 3 in Philadelphia in June of 2015. Soon after that, she was wearing side boob dresses to sexy singles events and going on first dates in helicopters.

It wasn’t until 2018 that Meisha decided to leave her career as an on-air journalist to pursue her Catholic faith full time — both with her job and her continuing education. According to the “Two Suns and a Demon” article, Meisha is currently “pursuing a doctorate in Catholic ministry through Washington, D.C.-based Catholic University of America.”

In addition to her doctorate, Meisha is also pursuing a 46-year-old devout Catholic virgin named Nicola who lives with his mom in Israel. To find out if Meisha and Nicola are headed for a happily ever after, or if God will be sending an evil demon to break up their romance, be sure to keep tuning in for new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC!

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