BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Angela Deem’s DUI arrest was 2 hours after her male companion was arrested for DUI!

Before the 90 Days Angela DUI arrest

We were the first to share the mug shot photo and jaw-dropping police report details from the Georgia DUI arrest of Before the 90 Days star Angela Deem at roughly 4AM in the morning on September 2. But, it appears as though her drama-packed arrest was just the tail end of a crazy night out that included another DUI arrest earlier in the evening of the man she was with, who owned the Lexus that Angela was driving!

In the police report from Angela’s arrest it states that she had just picked up a Mr. Patel from the Toombs County Detention Center, and at the time I was able to identify “Mr. Patel” as Ronak Patel, who is the “Technical Advisor” for a local convenience store and manager of a rather large wedding/event facility with a similar name in Hazlehurst. The confirmation was made easy thanks to photos shared by Angela the night before her DUI arrest in which she could be seen riding with Ronak in the front seats with two other women in the back. Angela proudly boasted in the caption that she and her crew were headed to Kerrigan’s bar in Lyons, Georgia, which was the large club featured in Angela’s first episode.

Here are the photos of Angela and Ronak together that she posted on Facebook on September 1 and John Yates later capped and tweeted:

Before the 90 Days Angela Deem new rumored boyfriend

This is where I completely dropped the ball as a 90 Daytective! In contrast, Soap Dirt DID NOT drop the ball, and they dug a little deeper into Ronak Patel and discovered that he was arrested just a couple hours earlier for DUI himself! And that would explain why Angela was at the Toombs County Detention Center to pick him up. And believe it or not, Ronak’s arrest was no less — if not more — dramatic than Angela’s!

According to the police report, Ronak and Angela got into a heated altercation with a Lyons convenience store clerk just before 2AM. More from Soap Dirt:

Ron Patel ordered food then was reportedly belligerent. An eyewitness told us the clerk was cooperative and polite, but he was in a rage. According to statements, the clerks asked him to leave the store, but he refused and demanded that they call the police. After he insisted they phone 911, onlookers said a clerk dialed the police.

A witness told police that once the cops were called that Angela then “got panicked” and whipped out “a wad of $100 bills” (aka her entire bank account) in an attempt to pay off the clerks and “call off the cops.” Angela’s efforts were too late, however, as police arrived on the scene almost immediately.

The police officer on the scene says that when he arrived he spoke to a “store clerk who appeared engaged in a verbal dispute with a white female [Angela] about her service toward a male standing outside [Ronak].” More from the police report:

Upon walking out of the store, an Indian male later identified as Ronak Patel of Hazlehurst, Georgia, approached the clerk and I and began a verbal assault on the clerk. I asked the man what the problem was. Mr. Patel, who was heavily intoxicated, stated that the woman in the store disrespected him by not preparing his order of food according to the way he should be served.

Mr. Patel then became enraged at the clerk again and indicated that he was Mr. Ron. Mr. Patel continued by insisting that Sheriff ******** of Jeff Davis County would handle the situation as he was personal friends with the sheriff.

I asked Mr. Patel how he got to the store. Mr. Patel stated that he drove his car, pointing to his 2014 Lexus in the parking lot. Mr. Patel was requested to provide a breath sample and he complied. Mr. Patel was positive for alcohol (.151). Both female passengers riding with Mr. Patel confirmed Mr. Patel drove them to the store.

I placed Mr. Patel under arrest for DUI and read him the Georgia Implied Consent Warning for Persons over the age of Twenty One. Mr. Patel refused the state administered test of his breath and stated that he would take a blood test showing that his medication was all he was under the influence of.

Mr. Patel asked me if I was sure that I wanted to arrest him because he is somebody. I advised Mr. Patel I was sure. The female passengers made arrangements for a driver to pick them and Mr. Patel’s vehicle up. Mr Patel was transported to the Toombs County Detention Center without incident. Mr. Patel was additional [sic] charged with Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct based on his belligerent behavior in the store and toward the clerks.

Although the female passengers told the arresting officer that they “made arrangements for a driver to pick them and Mr. Patel’s vehicle up,” those plans either fell through or were never made because Angela was pulled over two hours later driving Ron’s Lexus after picking him up at the detention center — as mentioned above.

Angela was pulled over in Uvalda, Georgia doing 60 mph in a 35 mph zone. Uvalda is halfway between Lyons, where the group was partying at Kerrigan’s and Ronak was arrested, and their hometown of Hazlehurst. (The distance between Lyons and Hazlehurst is roughly 17 miles, or 23 minutes. Well, 15 minutes if you drive like Angela. Actually, more than a day if you drive like Angela!) So, I assume Angela was just trying to get herself and the Kerrigan’s crew home quickly, but only served to make the night exponentially longer.

Before the 90 Days Angela Deem mug shot DUI arrest 2018

Adding a bit of spice to this crazy double-DUI story, Soap Dirt reports that Angela and Ronak may be more than friends! “There are several witnesses that told Soap Dirt that Ron Patel and Angela are having an intimate affair. SD’s source in Hazlehurst personally knows Ron and says they have been seeing each other for a while.” But, the site points out that Ronak is currently married — and as Before the 90 Days viewers are well aware, Angela may (or may not) be engaged.

I encourage you to head over to Soap Dirt for their VERY thorough investigation into this monumental Hazlehurst scandal, which includes Ronak’s mug shot photo as well as additional details.

Also, when I initially reported on Angela’s DUI arrest, it was based on a tip I got with a link to a local police blotter. I then contacted local authorities for the arrest report and Angela’s mug shot photo. I didn’t know at the time that Soap Dirt had posted about the arrest with the basic information from the blotter, and I did not initially credit them with breaking the story of the actual arrest. I have since updated our previous post.

Oh, and don’t get your hopes up about the DUI arrests being brought up at the Before the 90 Days Tell All special on Sunday because it was filmed in late July — well before the arrests in early September. On the other hand, the allegations of child molestation and rape against Angela’s daughter Scottie Deem predate the Tell All taping by more than eight months, but they weren’t really public knowledge until recently, so I doubt that will be brought up either.

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