Awesome graphic of 20 years of Bart Simpson’s chalkboard quotes

The Simpsons is an American institution and the show recently celebrated its 500th episode. Only two other TV programs in history reached that milestone, Gunsmoke (635) and Lassie (588). Creator Matt Groening said:

“I never imagined this. I thought it would be a hit with kids. I wasn’t sure adults would dig it.”

We here at Starcasm say congrats to Homer and his family and the whole town of Springfield for this mind blowing, will never be reached again, accomplishment. As a shout out, here’s a killer graphic of 20 years of Bart’s opening credit chalkboard quotes written in the classroom of Mrs. Krabappel. But first, a little theme music:

288 quotes written by Bart Simpson on the chalkboard in the opening credits

With a quick scan I’d have to say my favorite was, “I will not surprise the incontinent.” What’s your favorite?

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