Are Teen Mom’s Catelynn and Tyler living together? What are their career plans?

Thanks to Teen Mom’s Catelyn Lowell’s Facebook page, we have some updates about Catelynn and Tyler, who recently graduated from high school.

Tyler was completing college credits simultaneously with his high school work, and both he and Catelynn will enroll at Baker College in Michigan. Catelynn plans to be an elementary school teacher, and Tyler wants to be a child psychologist. He no longer plans to join the military.

The lovebirds still plan to get married, but not until after college. They refused to say whether or not they are currently living together (presumably so as not to spoil a major plot point for Season 3 of Teen Mom, airing Jul 5,) but mounting evidence suggests that they are, indeed, cohabiting.

Catelynn and her mom April, who were seen having a stormy relationship on Teen Mom, are reportedly back on good terms, and “back to becoming BFFs.” Butch is also reportedly out of rehab. Right now only Catelynn and Tyler have rights to see their daughter Carly, but that could change in the near future. Will there be a future emotional meeting between April, Butch and Carly?