T.G.I. – Hey where is Friday!?!

Rebecca Black has picked her seat!

This could be the worst thing to happen to Friday since the stock market crash of 1929, called “Black Friday” over in Europe. Actually this is our 100-year “Black Friday” as YouTube phenom Rebecca Black has pulled her mega-million viewed mega-hit “Friday” from YouTube because of a legal fight with Ark Music Factory. This is not fun fun fun fun folks.

Representatives with Rebecca confirmed the sad news:

“We can confirm that we submitted a Take Down Notice to YouTube as a result of the dispute we have with Ark Music regarding the ‘Friday’ video.”

This comes shortly after the folks with Ark tried to rake in even more bank off the song by trying to charge $2.99 to view the full clip. This, of course, failed and they quickly uploaded the video again in all its original viral glory. To find out about Ark Music Factory check out our comprehensive background info and write-up here.

Just so you can still celebrate the day after Thursday and before Saturday here are five alternative Friday songs you can still watch via YouTube:

Joe Jackson “Friday”

Ice Cube “Friday”

Autograph “Friday”

Goldspot “Friday”

J.J. Cale “Friday”

I hope those clips helped a little while you’re deciding which seat you will take.