PHOTOS Masika Kalysha’s daughter’s birthday was just the thing to put the Xanax allegations behind the LHHH star

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Masika Kalysha celebrated a personal milestone this past weekend–and it looks like the party and outpouring of love it generated was exactly what she needed after a particularly difficult week. Masika Kalysha’s daughter’s birthday came just a few days after a still-unverified story alleging that little Khari had to be rushed to the emergency room after she got into her mother’s friend’s purse and ate what turned out to be a tablet of Xanax. According to that story, Masika decided that she didn’t want to (or couldn’t face) spending the night at the hospital with Khari, and the nurse on duty called DCFS as soon as Masika left. (Click here for the full report on the Xanax allegations.)

Following that story, returning LHHH cast member Hazel-E and new addition Alexis Skyy–best known for dating Masika’s baby daddy Fetty Wap–reportedly both decided to skip the day’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood scenes in protest. But, when Hazel insulted Masika on social media, Masika turned around and clapped back something fierce–and, since then, Hazel hasn’t had anything else to say.

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All of which is to say that it sounds like Masika Kalysha’s daughter’s birthday was the perfect antidote to an especially trying time! And the party was made all the sweeter by the fact that little Khari was turning one year old. Masika was in full-on doting mom mode before the festivities even got underway, sharing a beautiful photo montage (featuring some especially intimate shots) and loving note in tribute to her daughter as soon as the clock struck midnight:

From there, it was on to the party! Khari’s first was a total family affair, featuring Fetty and a wide array of folks from both parents’ families:

Our family may look a little different but don't get it twisted… ?

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Momma, Sika, Barbie ?

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And, before the day was done, things got properly childish with a cake fight between mommy, daddy, and baby:

Let them eat cake… #KB1stBDay

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Any mother willing to get her Dolce & Gabbana dress covered in chocolate for the sake of a good time has got her priorities in order 🙂

Chocolate covered @dolcegabbana ? Captured by @kennethwynn_

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Congrats to Khari on her first birthday! Hopefully we’ll get to see a little bit more of the party when LHHH Season 4 drops this June.

(Photo credits: Masika Kalysha’s daughter’s birthday via Instagram)

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