Casey Anthony told psychiatrist Caylee was the result of a rape

Casey Anthony photo

The deposition of Casey Anthony’s psychiatrist, Dr. Jeff Danziger, was unsealed earlier today by a Florida judge. His testimony reveals Casey told him her daughter Caylee Anthony was the result of a rape after she got drunk and was possibly drugged at a party when she was 18.

From TMZ:

In the deposition, Danziger cites an interview he had with Casey in November 2010 — claiming, “Two beers, possibly given another drug. Woke up passed out … Don’t remember anything at a party, age 18. This is how she said she got pregnant.”

She claimed she did not know the identity of Caylee’s father.

Dr. Danziger did not believe Casey Anthony showed any signs of mental illnes.

Photo: Casey Anthony released on July 16, 2011
(Credit: Orlando Sentinel / Splash News)

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