VIDEOS Casey Anthony speaks out for first time in strange homemade clips

Casey Anthony speaks out for first time since being released

The subject of what is arguably the most scrutinized trial in media history, Casey Anthony, has finally decided to speak out! She has sat down with Barbara Walters in front of a web cam and decided to speak candidly about her trial the adoption of a dog and life on probation.

This is some extremely strange stuff here and if you’re like me you’re likely to question the validity because of Casey’s new look and the overall weirdness of the clip. On that note I did a little follow up and NBC News has verified via Twitter that what and who you are about to see is indeed Casey Anthony. Here it goes:

See. I told you that was strange!

UPDATE: Click here to see a snippet of a second video where she sports a different hair color, and shows off new piercings. Casey claims that she was hacked, and that these videos were stolen from her.

Among the statements Casey makes and items she talks about other than, you know, that whole trial thing were:

“I’m excited that I’ll be able to Skype and obviously keep a video log, take some pictures and that I have something that I can finally call mine. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to call something mine.”

“It’s just a little surreal how much things have changed since July and how many things haven’t changed.”

“The good thing is things are starting to look up and things are starting to change in a good way. I just hope they stay — that things stay good, that they only get better. They’ll only get better.”

Anthony has been shopping an exclusive interview for an alleged $750,000. This video was shot back in October and there’s no reveal as to her exact location nor any mention of her late daughter Caylee.

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