AUDIO Casey Anthony’s lawyer’s wife calls 911 over death threats

Casey Anthony Cheney Mason

Cheney Mason was one of the high-profile attorneys that helped in the successful defense of Casey Anthony. Mason’s wife, Shirley called 911 this week after receiving several threatening phone calls.

In the following audio from her call you can tell she is upset, fearful and seeking assistance from the police for protection:

According to TMZ Mrs. Mason stated that the family had received several death threats and that she feared for her life. One of the calls they received apparently said, “Your scumbag husband and Baez better sleep with one eye open.” To assist the family, police in Seminole County will be making repeated drive-bys of the residence and are working with the State Attorney Pam Bondi to get phone records to see if they can find out who’s making these calls.

In a previous post I made an interesting discovery that Mason had previously worked with famed O.J. Simpson attorney Barry Scheck to help exonerate a man wrongfully imprisoned for rape. They were featured in the documentary After Innocence. As far as Casey Anthony the media are simply trying to figure out where she is currently residing. Our latest rumored location was St. George Island, Florida.