Andrew Glennon responds to Amber Portwood arrest, cheating allegations, more on Instagram

Andrew Glennon Instagram comments about Amber Portwood

The estranged boyfriend of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has been relatively quiet publicly since Amber’s arrest for three felony domestic violence charges after she attacked him while he was holding their infant son James. That all changed Thursday night as Andrew Glennon replied to numerous commenters on Instagram after posting a text graphic that read: “Nothing better in the world than a clean conscience.”

Andrew captioned the image by adding “…Except baby James ??”

Before I get to the interactions in the comments section, I feel I should recap a couple of things. First, Amber implied that Andrew had cheated on her in a post earlier this month, and after Radar Online shared a story claiming that Andrew has been texting another woman and being “flirty” since Amber’s arrest, she posted a shattered heart on Instagram and wrote: “I am so heartbroken right now…omg? ?”


Someone shared a link to Radar’s story as well as Amber’s post with Andrew on his most recent Instagram post at the time, and he replied:

Taken out of context and blown out of proportion per usual. Sad she believes the “headlines,” I thought she’d know better after 10 years. You’re more than welcome to have a pity party for literally nothing, but I’ve no time for the nonsense and the extent of my energy spent talking on the sordid topic ends with the period of this message.

Earlier Thursday, Amber and Andrew were in court for a hearing about custody of the couple’s son James, and the judge in the case lifted the protective order preventing Amber from having contact with James. The judge’s decision opened the door for Amber to have supervised visits with James as the case moves forward.

Amber’s Teen Mom OG co-stars Catelynn Baltierra, Maci McKinney and Cheyenne Floyd were all at the courthouse with Amber to show support, as were MTV producers, Gary Shirley, and Amber’s mom Tonya. Andrew was asked on Instagram if any members of the cast had reached out to him, and he said no.

Here is a recap of the interactions Andrew had in the comments section of his most recent Instagram post, including his response to someone who brings up a protective order taken out against him by a previous girlfriend. Andrew states that he has already forgiven Amber and that the altercation that resulted in her arrest “wasn’t the first time, just the worst time.” He also reveals that he and son James “aren’t a part of the show anymore it seems.”

UPDATE – The Ashley has since clarified that Andrew has not been officially fired from Teen Mom OG. (Other sites have stated he was fired. We merely quoted what he wrote, which certainly implied that he was.)

COMMENT: Could you forgive her?

ANDREW: I already have

COMMENT: shots fired??

ANDREW: no shots fired. ?

COMMENT: It was your plan all along to try to be like Gary. But [you’re] not. Gary is a good dude who has always put Leah first. If Amber was “toxic” u shouldn’t have left baby James around her for almost 2 years. Should’ve gotten out before sh*t got real bad but nope you waited until someone with MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES snapped and then did something. Shame on you for doing that to her and that baby.

ANDREW: Yes, you are right, my plan was to destroy everything that I loved in my world, correction, my ENTIRE world. [sarcasm]

COMMENT: I don’t understand why people are accusing Andrew of this and that. Amber has a history of being abusive. There’s no indication he ever cheated but even if he did she should not have thrown anything at him or gone after him with a machete. She’s atrocious and should be fired.

COMMENT: Technically he has a history of abuse with his exes. Stalking charges, restraining orders, slitting his ex’s tires.. so on and so forth

ANDREW: If I had actually read the restraining order, I never would have signed it, half the stuff in there I didn’t do. It hurt she thought it was even necessary to get one [mandated by her mother], so I just signed it because I respect her. I’ve come a long way since then and it was tough, but it all made me a better person in the end. I always try to admit my shortcomings and learn from them, without that process there is no progress. ?

COMMENT: Don’t be a coward and turn to social media… your son will thank you one day!

ANDREW: This post is about having a clean conscience for not being a cheater. What about him reading those false headlines?

COMMENT: She lost her sh*t for a good reason, maybe she went to far but Andrew what did you do? What was your part in this? Why she get mad?

COMMENT: She lost her sh*t for a good reason! Andrew what did you do! How would you know it’s a good reason if you have no clue what he did or why he did it?

ANDREW: I’ve been trying to find the rational explanation for the actions, but doctors have told me to stop for the sake of my own mental well-being.

COMMENT: All of this over fireworks?? [This is in reference to the fact that the altercation that led to Amber’s arrest began when the couple was unable to reach a Fourth of July fireworks display nearby due to traffic. Amber blamed Andrew for poor planning, according to the police report.]

ANDREW: …more to come.

COMMENT: I’m sorry but I’m team Amber! He’s trying to [play] the innocent card and doesn’t seem right to me. There’s two sides to EVERY story

ANDREW: I never cheated nor am on the market to. Evvvver

COMMENT: When he went to counseling with her, I really hoped that she had found an amazing sympathetic partner, like she deserves. I’m so sorry to see him turn out this way. I understand that it was a scary situation, but mental illness can have its ups and its absolute downs. She deserves love and support as much is anybody else does, and he should be working with her through this. This just proves that he wouldn’t of made for any kind of a husband that she could depend on. For people that are hating, God help you if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are traumatized, and unable to control your emotions and behaviors. Hopefully somebody will be there to help you

COMMENT: It’s a mental illness I agree and should be supporting her not getting a court order to keep a baby away from his mom.

COMMENT: Exactly. I just lost a loved one, so I was a little harsh, but my point is that I have been with my husband for 12 years. I can trust him and rely on him no matter what, and that is what I need to be sane and feel safe. If This happened to us, you had better believe that he would fight for me, and never against me. Because, that is what is right for our family

ANDREW: Wasn’t the first time, just the worst time. It’s been a long road of trying to heal.

COMMENT: I hope you two deal with this off of social media. Shading each other by posting quotes isn’t the way to do it (and no, this isn’t hate before anyone comes at me). Nonetheless, I hope you, baby James, and Amber are all safe, no matter the circumstances. ❤️

COMMENT: quote was fine.

COMMENT: Posting quotes IS fine, but when it becomes a game of “who can shade who more”, then it’s time to draw the line.

COMMENT: you’re idea of shade isn’t the be all end all. He or Amber can have a different opinion on shade. You don’t own it. If you don’t like it, don’t follow. And before you tell me to not comment on “your” post, you put it out there in Andrew’s page. Knowing people would see it.

COMMENT: I never said they couldn’t post things. I said I hope they deal with it OFF of social media, rather than on. Don’t make my comment into something it wasn’t because you interpreted it into a different way.

ANDREW: I’m not shading anyone at all. Would you disagree with what I wrote? I’m sure Amber’s conscience is perfectly clean. ? Don’t read into it too much, I just don’t like being called a cheater when I’m not. If I cheated you wouldn’t hear a peep from me ? but I’m just not that species of animal ? so… conscience clean. ?

Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood's son James no longer on Teen Mom OG

COMMENT: All I’m saying is you’re assuming it’s in retaliation and saying he shouldn’t post something. That’s not for you to decide. We all like to judge these days. Didn’t mean to be harsh with you, some people just go way too far. 🙂

COMMENT: But I’m not assuming. He said it himself in a comment to me earlier. “I don’t like being called a cheater when I’m not… but I’m just not that species of animal so… conscience clean”. So, yes, he DID post this in retaliation or at least in regards to the cheating allegations. I didn’t say he did or didn’t cheat. I just said it needs to be handled off of social media without quotes being thrown at each other.

COMMENT: Can y’all not read or something? I don’t understand why everyone of you has to respond like I’m attacking Andrew, which I NEVER DID. He said he posted this in regards to “news” that he cheated (which Amber posted a quote about cheating), but he says he didn’t cheat and he has a clear conscience. Fine. I didn’t say he did cheat. I didn’t call him names. I didn’t say I was on someone’s team. But some things are better left off of social media. If you have a clear conscience, fine. Nothing wrong with that. But it doesn’t have to be posted in retaliation to what she posted or what the tabloids have said. Not to mention I already said my comment was with NO HATE INTENDED and I wished all 3 of them well. Jesus, I can’t deal with some of y’all. ? Move along…

COMMENT: I just think the memes are the only way the can communicate to each other right now without involving other people into their business. I know @andrew.glennon Amber seems to have a lot of support right now but it doesn’t mean ppl are condoning what she did to you or James. She just is mentally sick & well that doesn’t justify what she did I don’t think she needs prison just believes she needs to be made to get help. I hope your family can survive this situation but of course understand if you walk away.

COMMENT: But that’s the problem- doing this IS involving everyone. The whole cheating accusations started when Amber started posting stuff and that obviously caused a whirlwind of drama and gossip and that led us here.

ANDREW: I was told by people close to her that she posted that about a “friend’s relationship,” and took it down when it was “taken the wrong way.” Ok, fine, but when all those stories came out she never once thought to clear the air and my name… that hurt deepest.

COMMENT: I’m not justifying her actions at all- don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying she’s high and mighty and I’m not saying that for you either. I think this whole situation has caused a lot of drama and gossip and things like this just adds fuel to the fire. The media is always going to see one thing and twist it into another and I’m sure TMZ or RadarOnline will have another story about it tomorrow. I understand you are hurt and there’s undoubtedly hurt on both sides to some extent. We don’t know every detail of what happened and we don’t need to. What matters now is you two co-parenting James to the best of your abilities, whether that be separately or together.

COMMENT: We need details. Feed the fans ?

ANDREW: James and I aren’t a part of the show anymore it seems. Follow your ladies—-> they went that way ?

UPDATE – More from Andrew:

COMMENT: If this wasn’t the first time she hit you then why stay? Why create a child ?

ANDREW: You think without love as a factor when it is the strongest binding force in the universe.

COMMENT: [Deleted, but in reference to Andrew setting Amber up for a fall.]

ANDREW: Your brain, personally, is wired to compute through deception and fear. I feel you are someone who’s been taken advantage of by people and it’s really hard for you to trust others. There isn’t a sinister scheme behind everything in life, Dr. Evil. Sometimes life just does what life does and HAPPENS. I saw us in a mansion and my vineyard producing… and with brothers and sisters for James. I plan for the best and to help those I love, not to trick, entrap, or deceive. You’re thinking of Matt Baier. ???

ANDREW [responding to the deleted comments about his previous relationship and restraining order against him]: This above comment was in response to @*************** making a comment (now deleted) about stuff I experienced back in my life. I’ve processed it and improved, that’s all that really matters. But seriously, if you guys have any questions about stuff like that, I will give the honest truth. I wasn’t always a semi-decent human, had to go through the rough stuff to fine tune. The art of subtraction. Subtract all the things that don’t serve you now or your future. The hardest thing to do is accept your downfalls, your real mistakes, see what lead you there, how to do better, and the most important is to genuinely forgive yourself.

COMMENT: Wow. He’s always seemed off to me. You can tell he puts on a show for the cameras.

ANDREW: My trick is to try to not be nervous. But in all reality, everyone “puts on a show for the cameras.”

COMMENT: You don’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s in the past. You’ve got bigger things going on right now.

ANDREW: I know, but it actually is sort of cathartic to talk about. Reminds me of how far I’ve come and how much further I can go if I just keep taking the right steps.

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