Danielle Staub stripping again, for Scores Manhattan nightclub and online

When “villian” Danielle Staub was not asked back to be on the third Season of the show that made her infamous Real Housewives of New Jersey, people joked that she would go back to her original profession, stripping. She tried a stint hosting a “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” style show called “Social” on little-known cable channel WealthTV.

Now it looks like it’s back to doing what she knows best: taking her clothes off. The 48-year-old firecracker has signed a 3-year contract with Scores, a New York strip club. Her contract includes both live performances in the club, and special online events. Right now the Scores site is promoting a “Raw and fully uncensored” exclusive broadcast featuring Staub.

This isn’t the first time she’s been publicly nude since she was introduced to the world via the Real Housewives, she put out a sex tape, which was a plot point in Season 2. (Season 1’s plot revolved around Danielle Staub’s shady past.)

Staub hasn’t left reality television behind, she’ll be joining other former reality stars who can’t seem to say goodbye to their allotted screen time on VH1’s “Famous Food.” The show also features Jake Pavelka, Heidi Montag, and Eliot Spitzer’s hooker Ashley Dupre The winner of the show gets a stake in a restaurant.

The woman-of-many coats was reeling from her divorce to entrepreneur Tom Staub, the father of her two girls, when she was cast on the inaugural season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She was still living in the giant house Tom bought when they were married, and couldn’t pay the bills to keep up the house, or even have enough to eat.

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