Amber Portwood update: Home from rehab, hanging with Leah and Gary

Following her well publicized two month stint in a Malibu rehabilitation facility Teen Mom Amber Portwood has returned home to Anderson, Indiana. As it stands now baby-daddy Gary Shirley has sole custody of their daughter Leah but Amber spent time with her adorable daughter and Gary as she took care of errands over the weekend.

Gary Shirley’s attorney, Jeff Lockwood, believes that his client will maintain custody until Amber can establish and be able to, “maintain a clean track record.” While Leah’s custody will be an issue moving into the future for the family things between Amber and Gary seem to be amicable. Shirley posted the following tweets that indicated the two spent time together upon her return:

In additional Amber news her brother Shawn, who isn’t necessarily the biggest Gary fan, has been encouraging Amber to move to Nashville where he lives to be around more positive influences. He believes that the new beginning will help his sister get her life back on track. Sources close to Amber have stated that she’s considering the idea.

Shawn has started his own blog called “The Chili Man Chronicles” in which he’s discussed Aeropostalegate in defense of Gary going as far as suggesting that the company buy Gary’s, “It’s Gary Time” clothing line to make millions. He also addressed the scene in which his niece was seen playing with condoms. In the post he suggests that MTV set the scene up on purpose to get the controversial shot. He wrote:

Sneaky sneaky MTV, I really do hope it was worth it but considering you are all spineless soulless individuals I am sure it was worth every dirty dime.

We hope Amber is doing well and that her time spent with Leah is joyful for the both of them.

Photo: Splashnews

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