Amy Poehler reportedly dating “The Douche” from Parks and Recreation

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It’s been seven months since Amy Poehler announced she was splitting from husband Will Arnett, and it looks like she’s moving on to another funnyman.

The New York Post has a source that saw Amy and Nick Kroll on a date Friday night at the Pikey Cafe and Bar on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. According to other sources, this wasn’t their first date!

On March 15 Nick tweeted the above photo of Amy apparently sitting on his lap.

Nick plays annoying misogynistic radio host “The Douche” on Amy’s delightful show Parks & Recreation. That isn’t his only iron on the fire, though, his IMDB entry is extensive. He’s voiced the character Stu in HBO’s charming but now-canceled The Life and Times of Tim, had a role on Children’s Hospital, in on FX’s The League, and now has his own show, Kroll Show, on Comedy Central.

Amy has two adorable sons with Will Arnett, Archie and Abel

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