Amber Portwood tells Brandi Glanville why she’s sticking with Matt Baier


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville welcomed Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood and Matt Baier to her “Unfiltered” podcast.

#TeamMaber have been upfront and center in the TMiverse recently with some alleged relationship issues. So what did they have to say about that? Well… We took the hit here at the ‘Casm and listened to the entire thing to provide you with the following highlights:

-> Both Amber and Matt emphasized how hard it is to share their lives on TV.
-> Amber said that the reason she’s always seen on her couch on the show is because she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about personal issues out in public.
-> Amber said that she’s had “amazing amounts” of money thrown at her to do other reality TV shows.
-> Amber highlighted how she would actually have Fentanyl patches tucked between her teeth and gums while taking pee tests for drugs. She’s been sober now for 5 years after opting for prison.
-> Amber said she gained 30-40 pounds after her liposuction. She then reiterated that she hasn’t had any other plastic surgery in spite of all the speculation.

AP: I want to say this because this needs to be said, I adore my fans so much because they are some of the most bad a**, gangster a** people. I’m telling you right now, they will fight, they’re family.

-> Amber and Matt shared how the fame from the show has resulted in very real devotion from fans. To emphasize this, Matt talked about how on a number of occasions Amber has found herself trying to console suicidal fans.

Amber on why she and Matt are together:

“First of all because he’s a bad a** mother f***er. Come on now, everything I’ve been through you think I’m going to be with some… I’m naive? I get that all the time, “You’re so naive…” We’ve broken up I don’t know how many da*n times… He’s been back to Massachusetts a couple times, came back because we love each other… Either you move on because someone did something in their past or you stay with them.”

-> Amber said that she and Matt have been to couples counseling.
-> Amber bragged on Matt’s novel and the fact that he made thousands of dollars playing poker before they met.

-> Matt stated that he did not get paid for his appearances until the most recent season and he feels like he earns the substantial amount of money he makes now for his work on the show.
-> Amber stated that Teen Mom now is a totally different creature these days in comparison to its docu-series beginnings. She said that it was like MTV was trying to turn the moms into the Real Housewives.
-> Amber and Matt said that one of his “crazy” exes attempted to extort money from them.
-> Matt said that she and Amber have a very normal relationship.
-> Matt said that he could write a novel in a week and it would be something people would enjoy.
-> Matt said MTV “slashed 15,000 words” from his upcoming Naked Truth book.
-> Amber said that some film companies have expressed interest in Matt’s previous book “Guys Don’t Rat On Guys.” It was written under a pseudonym but will be republished under Matt’s name.
-> Amber shared how she taught anger management in prison.
-> Amber lauded her friendships with fellow Teen Mom stars Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell.

AP: Cate and Maci I love them. I adore them. Those girls they’re bad a** bit**es for real. Legit. Listen, Mace, that little f***er, Maci, let me tell you what, she’s a spitfire. She’s such a southern belle but don’t f**k with her. She’ll get Amber Portwood on you.

-> Amber says that she’s “lenient” with Gary Shirley because she knows people can change for the better. She also said that this upcoming season of TM will show how Gary will be letting her spend more time with her daughter Leah.
-> Matt and Amber were asked when their wedding was and they were both hesitant to answer. This interview was taped last week so it could have been before the pair decided to delay the targeted October time frame.

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