Amber Portwood given yet another chance, released from jail

Teen Mom Amber Portwood mug shot photo from May 2012

It’s been said that America is a land of 2nd chances, for Teen Mom Amber Portwood it’s seemingly even more forgiving as she has once again been given the opportunity to straighten her life out.

Amber was placed back in jail for missing a mandated drug court appearance in which she allegedly lied about the reason for her absence. In spite of warnings from the court that not following strict sentencing guidelines would likely cause Portwood to serve serious jail time the judge has once again shown mercy, releasing the troubled reality star back to home detention.

The judge simply requested that Amber continue with her drug rehabilitation treatment and find a real job. In all fairness, considering Amber is in home detention in Anderson, IN I can see where finding gainful employment could be difficult considering her local notoriety and reputation.

Amber also recently revealed that she’s been addicted to pills since she was 13-years-old.

Mug Shot: Splashnews