All about Meagan Good’s eyebrow transplant

Actress Meagan Good has been on a “eyebrow” journey for a while now in a effort to repair eyebrow hair loss from years of overwaxing and plucking.

Below is a photo of Maegan’s brows from 2012, when she had tattooed brows. “The area I grew up in, there were a lot of Spanish girls, and they used to shave their eyebrows off to draw them on,” she’s said about why she lost her eyebrows. “When I started doing that, they didn’t grow back. So I had to tattoo them on.”

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The A Wrinkle in Time actress decided to go with an advanced eyebrow procedure called an “eyebrow transplant,” offered by Jason Diamond, who has worked with Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose. Dr. Diamond has also appeared on Dr. 90210 and Netflix’s Celebrity Plastic Surgeons.

How much does it cost? What does the procedure entail?

According to Dr. Diamon’d website, an eyebrow transplant is supposed to costa bout $7500. It’s performed by harvesting hair from the back of the scalp and grafting the hairs to the hair follicles in the brow area.

Eyebrow transplants are ideal for candidates like Meagan who have over plucked their brows, but won’t be as successful for someone with a medical condition like alopecia. It takes several hours to perform, but it takes months for the transplanted hairs to grow in. That’s why Meagan referred to this as a “journey.”

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