Adam Lind’s fiancee Stasia Huber shares engagement details, on engagementmoon road trip to Florida with Adam

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind and Stasia Huber engaged

Stasia Huber confirmed earlier this month that she is currently engaged to Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind, and yesterday she posted photos of her and Adam’s rings and shared some details about the engagement. Stasia made the posts while on a road trip with Adam as the two of them are currently in his convertible Corvette headed to Key West, Florida!

Stasia revealed on Facebook that she and Adam got engaged on May 13. She then shared a screen cap of that relationship update on Instagram with the gleeful caption: “Our close friends and family are the only ones who knew ?” Of course, some commenters weren’t impressed and wanted to rain on Stasia’s parade — which Stasia was having none of:

COMMENTER: Every one knew u wore a ring

STASIA: did you know on may 13th or before I decided to share my ring picture?… no. Lol only family and friends knew.

Other commenters weren’t so much of a buzzkill:

COMMENTER: congratulations to the both of you, that’s such an exciting time! ??? have to ask, how did he propose?!

STASIA: I’d say but I don’t want to embarrass him lol if he wants to tell it he can…just know it had me in tears and was crazy and perfect ❤

So what about that bling, yo?

Adam Lind Stasia Huber rings

Stasia posted the “his and hers” ring photos above on Tuesday and wrote: “We picked them out together and I got exactly what I wanted. Any bigger would have been too much for me ??❤” More discussion from the comments section:

COMMENTER: Are you guys married or engaged? But congrats guys??

STASIA: engaged 🙂

COMMENTER: first girl Adam’s got engaged to ? congrats ♥

STASIA: Lol first man I’ve been engaged to ?

COMMENTER: My fav style

STASIA: mine too! I spent weeks looking at styles and knew exactly what I wanted

COMMENTER: girl mine isn’t big either so what, I am in love with mine and wouldn’t have it any other way I have small fingers and my hands are little so any bigger would just look tacky.. I love it looks good girl yall get it done time for yall to move on to the next chapter in yalls life

STASIA: I tried on bigger ones and it looked gaudy on my small hands. Something about the princess cut on a solitaire band was just so elegant and beautiful to me ? I actually got a little bigger than I originally picked because this diamond was shinier lol…

As I mentioned above, Adam and Stasia (Adasia? Stadam?) are currently driving all the way from South Dakota to Key West, Florida. Adam shared this photo of his car on Facebook and Instagram and updated fans:

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind's Corvette

“Well halfway there!” Adam wrote. “Taken the vette cross country rd trip! Headed to key west fl with my lovely fiancé @stasialynnhuber ❤???”

Adam later posted another photo, this time making sure to include Stasia.

Adam Lind Stasia Huber Corvette road trip to Key West

“❤❤ our lil getaway” was Adam’s caption.

Congratulations to Adam and Stasia! However, something tells me we won’t be seeing their wedding on Teen Mom 2. Actually, could this Florida trip be them eloping? Stay tuned!

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