Leah Calvert shares her pregnancy news with her twins in the Teen Mom 2 extended trailer

Jeremy Calvert asks Leah Messer to marry him

Leah Calvert and her husband Jeremy Calvert announced that they were expecting a new baby earlier this week, but that wasn’t the couple’s first pregnancy. Leah had become pregnant at the end of last year but unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage. On the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, fans will get to see her journey including her engagement to Jeremy and the moment she told her twins that she was having another baby.

During the just-released extended trailer for Teen Mom 2‘s third season, Jeremy is seen asking Leah to marry him, which she accepts. Shortly after, she discovers that she is pregnant with her third child, but when she shares the news with her friend Amy, she’s less than thrilled and says, “Sometimes I don’t know what is going through your head.” Her ex-husband, Corey Simms, doesn’t seem thrilled either.

Leah Messer Calvert tells her twins that she's having another baby

In a happier moment, Leah is seen sharing the news with her two-year-old twins. “Mommy’s going to have another baby!” the newly engaged Leah announces. While Leah’s miscarriage isn’t seen in the previews, it is something that she shares with the cameras — so be sure to have tissues ready during that heartbreaking episode.

Also in the trailer, Jenelle is seen going through some legal trouble after she is thrown behind bars for failing a drug test — and that’s not her only issue. She’s also dealing with the unknown paternity of her son, Jace. “I don’t even know if Andrew is Jace’s father, she admits. Andrew Lewis is even seen Skyping with her when he proclaims, “He does not look like me at all.”

What a season this is going to be. Don’t miss the season three premiere of Teen Mom 2 on Monday, November 12 and check out the extended trailer below:

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