PHOTOS VIDEO Teenager Kameryn Gibson addresses Rep. Phillip Hinkle Craigslist hook up scandal

Kameryn Gibson photo with Rep. Phillip Hinkle inset - Craigslist scandal

Indiana state Representative Phillip Hinkle, a famously anti-gay marriage lawmaker, found himself in a bit of hot water earlier this week when The Indianapolis Star published a story detailing his alleged Craigslist hook up with an 18-year-old man named Kameryn Gibson. Kameryn had taken an ad out on the site with two shirtless photos of himself and the line, “Email me and I’ll tell you everything you need to know!”

According to Gibson he received a response from Hinkle 47 minutes later that read, in part, “Cannot be a long time sugar daddy, but can for tonight. Would you be interested in keeping me company for a while tonight?” Gibson says that after a number of email exchanges detailing a sex-for-money transaction he met with Gibson at the JW Marriott hotel in downtown Indianapolis.

Once Hinkle revealed that he was a state lawmaker Gibson reportedly got cold feet and eventually called his sister to come pick him up, but not until after an irate (and naked) Hinkle berated him and then gave Gibson and his sister “an iPad, BlackBerry cellphone and $100 cash to keep quiet.” Gibson says he later received a call from Hinkle’s wife on the Blackberry phone, and that he informed Mrs. Hinkle her husband was a homosexual. She later called back and reportedly offered the brother and sister $10,000 for their silence.

Yesterday, in an interview with WTHR in Indianapolis, Kameryn Gibson claimed that the Craigslist ad started as a joke and he never intended it to be a real sex for money deal. Here is the interview followed by a transcript

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Interview transcript:

You met him on Craigslist. You said you were looking for a sugar daddy. Did you want a sexual relationship with someone?

No. It was actually a joke between me and my sister because I had did something not as bad as this, but … I just had something on her that was bad.

There was talk about he was offering money?

Kameryn Gibson photo from his Twitter account profileYes.

And for a good time?


You were not offering sex?

No. I was not offering sex at all.

And there was not going to be any?

No. There wasn’t going to be any.

Why did you go to the hotel then?

Because he said, like when we talked and he called me to come pick me up, he was like, “I just want to talk now, I don’t want to do anything else.” And so it was like, OK, you just want to talk so I was going to go with you to see what we was going to talk about and, like, how everything was going to play out. But I knew that I didn’t want to have sex with him and we wasn’t going to have sex at all.

And then he got insistent?


What did he do?

He started taking off his clothes because he said he had been in his clothes all day, so he wanted to take a shower. So he started taking off bits and pieces of his clothes. And then he finally got naked and then after like a couple walks across the room he put on a towel.

And when you wanted to leave?

When I wanted to leave he was like, “I’m…” because I said, “My sister’s coming to get me,” he was like, “We’re not leaving until we do what we planned to do.” And I didn’t want to have sex with him.

What did you do then?

After I told him I wanted to leave, I, like I sat, like I just, like he was in front of me so I was like right behind him, basically right in front of him actually, like we are. And he was just like, You’re not going anywhere,” and I like started giving attitude and, like, talking back to him and, like, being disrespectful because I didn’t want to be in the same room as him. So I was going to find any way which way to get out of the situation.

And he tried to stop you?

Yes, he did.

What did he do?

He grabbed my arm and then grabbed my shirt and then he went sexual with it by touching my butt.

And he exposed himself?

Yes, he did. At that point I was, like, “I’m really about to leave because I thought that you was just going to get in the shower and go about your business and come out with clothes on, not walk in front of me with nothing on.

What did you want out of it?

I didn’t want anything out of it because first when I saw him, he was, he was an older gentleman that was really old and I didn’t want anything to do with that … As I researched him, it was, like, he said he was an anti-gay, so he didn’t like gays and he talked so much stuff about – bad things about gays and I feel like you shouldn’t be doing that but then you come back and you do it – do it with me.

I didn’t expect it to go this far as a story, I just wanted to tell the world because I found out that he was an anti-gay man, and so he didn’t like gay people, so why are you trying to get with somebody that’s gay? But then you’re going off to your job and work and you’re saying you don’t like gay people and you don’t like the same sex marriage and stuff like that. I feel like you should just be real with everyone and just tell everyone, like all the people that are in high power, they should just tell people how they really are in life.

– – – – –

The full emails have not been released, but here are snippets pieced together from various online sources – mostly The Star:

“Email me and I’ll tell you everything you need to know!”

“Cannot be a long time sugar daddy, but can for tonight. Would you be interested in keeping me company for a while tonight?” Includes Hinkle’s offer to “to make it worth (your) while” in cash, and a personal description of himself: “I am an in shape married professional, 5’8″, fit 170 lbs, and love getting and staying naked.”

Gibson replied fifteen minutes later by stating, “Yes I can!” and providing his phone number.

The two exchanged a number of emails at this point, one of which includes Hinkle asking, “what will make you happy for giving me a couple hours of your time tonight?”

Gibson: “Wat (sic) can you give me?”

Hinkle: “How about $80 for services rendered and if real satisfied a healthy tip? That make it worth while?”

Hinkle: “Final for the record, for a really good time, you could get another 50, 60 bucks. That sound good?”

Later Hinkle offered to pick Gibson up at his home and drive him to the hotel.

Hinkle: “If u want to consider spending night u might tell ur sis so she won’t worry. Would have u back before 11 tomorrow. No extra cash just free breakfast and maybe late night snack.”

Gibson provides his address to Hinkle, whose last text message reads, “I am here in parking lot between bldg 1 and 2. U here?”

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