90 DAY FIANCE SPOILERS 3 pregnancies revealed at the Tell All taping this weekend!

90 Day Fiance Season 9 pregnancies revealed at the Tell All

The 90 Day Fiance “Couples Tell All” filmed over the weekend in New York City, and we’re getting LOTS of spoilers from sources in the Big Apple! 90 Day Fiance scoopologist Katrina (aka @fraudedmedia on Instagram) spilled some piping hot tea over the past couple days, including no less than THREE DIFFERENT cast pregnancies!

One of the pregnancies was actually teased by TLC in previews for the current season. In that teaser clip, viewers see Emily Bieberly taking a pregnancy test. As you probably guessed, the pregnancy test was positive! Like, a while ago!

According to Katrina’s source(s), Kobe and Emily welcomed their second child three or four months ago. She also revealed that the baby is a girl, joining big brother Koban.

It’s not hard to do the math and figure out that Emily and Kobe must have conceived a year ago. It’s unclear when they filmed their segments for the current season, but that is certainly a lengthy delay! If you’re curious about their older son’s age, Koban was born on July 31, 2019. That means he will turn three years old next month.

So what is the latest on Emily and Kobe’s living arrangements? “As far as I know they still live with her parents,” Katrina says.

Katrina also posted photos of Kobe, Emily and their new addition hanging out with co-stars Kara and Guillermo in New York City:

90 Day Fiance Kara is reportedly pregnant and Emily reportedly had a second baby with Kobe

I should note that Katrina looks to have mislabeled the bottom photo. You can see someone that looks like Kobe in the top photo, with Emily apparently leaning in the front of the selfie group. In the second photo, you see a baby (reportedly Kobe and Emily’s daughter) being held by a man. The man looks to be labeled as Kobe, but that’s obviously not him. The woman seen from behind with the long hair is allegedly Kara Bass.

Here is Katrina’s message that was included with the images, followed by the full slide show:

Emily and Kobe (and their baby girl) hanging out with Kara and Guillermo. Too bad we didn’t get pictures of Kara from the front. 🤫🤰🏻

Is Kara pregnant?

The second pregnancy reveal from the Tell All is Kara Bass! As Katrina laments in the post above, we don’t have any photos of Kara at the Tell All in which you can see her from the front. So, we are relying on the Tell All source(s).

If you were wondering about Kara’s hair in the photo, she has recently eschewed her trademark bob in favor of lengthy extensions. Just visit her Instagram for numerous examples of her long locks look.

On Thursday, Kara posted a video clip that partially shows her belly, and there doesn’t appear to be much of a bump. However, that certainly isn’t proof that she isn’t pregnant. Here’s the clip:

If Kara is pregnant, it seems clear that she isn’t very far along. Either that or she has a library of photos and videos stockpiled for social media posts!

Who is the 3rd 90 Day Fiance pregnancy?

In a bit of an unexpected twist, Katrina confirmed that there is another cast member from the current season who was pregnant at the Tell All filming this weekend, but she says she isn’t allowed to say who it is. Katrina hints that the identity has been guessed by others based on numerous clues, and every indication is that it is Patrick Mendes’ wife Thais who is also pregnant.

I want to clarify that the Thais pregnancy is not only unconfirmed, but it hasn’t even been confirmed that she is the one who is reportedly pregnant! 😂 We will continue to keep our eyes and ears peeled and share any updates about the quickly expanding 90 Day Fianceverse when we know more.

BONUS SPOILERS: Katrina says that ALL of the couples are currently still together, which means everybody got married. That’s usually to be expected with the original 90 Day Fiance franchise because all of the couples featured have invested a lot of time and money in the K-1 visa process before filming. However, I was beginning to really believe that Yve and Mohamed were going to call off their wedding.

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