90 DAY FIANCÉ Patrick was dating another girl while with Thais, she found out the day he proposed

90 Day Fiance Patrick cheated on Thais, she found out the day he proposed

90 Day Fiance fans were a bit harsh on Season 9 star Thais after it was revealed that she insisted on having a location tracker on her fiance Patrick’s phone. Thais revealed on screen that Patrick had a history of chatting up other women, but during the Couples Tell All special, it was revealed that Patrick was doing way more than just chatting!

The topic came up after Patrick complained about the fact that he can’t look at his DMs unless Thais is there with him.
“Because when I was in Brazil, he lied a little bit,” Thais explained. Host Shaun Robinson asked Thais what Patrick lied about specifically. “He said he was training a girl, and he was actually…dating, making out with the girl.”

“He said he was training a girl,” Shaun clarified, “but he was actually, what, having sex with her?”
“Yes. Uh huh,” Thais replied while nodding her head.

Thais and Patrick argued a bit over the timeline. Patrick claimed that he and Thais had just met when he was involved with the other woman. “I don’t think we were in a relationship at that point. It was a confusing time.”

Shaun seemed flummoxed by Patrick’s take. “Wait, what was confusing about it?” she asked.
“Because, like, I dated this girl before I met Thais. And then she kind of went away. And then Thais came in the picture. And then this girl, like, wanted to come back. And then I was going back to Thais,” Patrick explained. “There was no, like, full commitment to Thais yet, and there wasn’t a commitment to her…I was, like, a single dude dating.”

Thais didn’t like Patrick’s spin on how things went down, so she reworded it a bit. “Going to Brazil every month dating me, having sex with me, and date other girls? Working with another girl and having sex at the same time?”

Patrick quickly jumped in to clarify that he and the other girl didn’t have sex, even though he tried on multiple occasions. As he mentioned during the season, Patrick’s attempts to consummate his relationship with the other woman were cut short for the same reason his weightlifting career was — drug use. Only this time the drugs weren’t performance-enhancing steroids, it was performance-killing alcohol.

“There was a couple attempts to have sex, but…there was heavy drinking involved, and so, like, it never happened on my part. That was it”
Shaun once again did a brilliant job of cutting through the BS and right to the chase. “Patrick, it sounds like you were dating two women at one time.”
Patrick paused, then nodded his head. “Yeah.”

Thais Found Out The Day Patrick Proposed

“I found out the worst possible way,” Thais said about Patrick and his other girl’s training with benefits sessions. “The day we were engaged.” Thais recalled finding out after checking Patrick’s phone while he was swimming.

Patrick once again stumbled around awkwardly trying to defend himself, but Shaun was having none of it. “Patrick, you’re so busted,” she said. “Just admit it.”

“No! I’m not busted!” Patrick argued. “She’s explaining the timeline wrong.”
Thais interrupted to remind Patrick that he was sending the other woman text messages while he was in Brazil. “Yeah, after one of the fights we got into,” he conceded. “I was in the wrong a hundred percent,” Patrick later said. “I’m just trying to explain myself, that’s all.”

Let’s all be thankful for the booze because otherwise Patrick may have been dropping TWO pregnancy bombshells at the Tell All! (Actually, Patrick’s fling was quite a while ago, so the bombshell would actually be a child and not a pregnancy.) To see all of the numerous bombshells being dropped by TLC, be sure to check out the full 90 Day Fiance season 9 Couples Tell All special!

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