90 Day Fiance The Other Way Deavan responds to parenting criticism, addresses daughter Drascilla’s name & dad

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Deavan defends daughter Drascilla

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars Deavan Clegg and her South Korean beau (and dad-to-be) Jihoon made their debut on this week’s episode, but it was the pair’s three-year-old daughters who stole the spotlight! Jihoon’s daughter is actually an impossibly adorable little pup named Bbakki, who lives a quiet life being cute and perpetually Instagram-ready. Deavan’s three-year-old daughter Drascilla is also cute — but she is NOT about living that quiet life!

“I am a single mom to my beautiful daughter,” Deavan says in her intro clip from the episode. “Her name’s Drascilla. She’s three years old.” At this point, we see Drascilla standing on the dining room table and removing a painting from the wall. “Drascilla is a wild child,” Deavan continues. “Some people would describe Drascilla as ‘Nanny 911’ status baby.”

Drascilla climbs up onto the kitchen counter where Deavan is preparing a salad. She opens the cabinet, pulls out a bowl, and throws it!

“She’s just very rambunctious,” Deavan explains.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Deavan's daughter Drascilla throwing a bowl

After the episode aired, some viewers were critical of Drascilla’s rambunctiousness. Mama bear Deavan took to Instagram to remind folks that they were attacking a three-year-old girl:

For people calling my daughter rude inappropriate names that I can’t even repeat grow up she’s three years old shes still a baby don’t be calling her names that you hear in R rated movies grow up, she’s the most amazing little girl who is the best big sister. I don’t let comments get to me. But seeing grown adults say mean r rated words about three year old is not acceptable

Deavan followed up that post with a photo of herself as a rambunctious three-year-old:

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Deavan Clegg throwback childhood photo

“This is me at 3 years old same age as my princess,” Deavan explains in the caption. “I grew up being able to be free and run around and enjoy my childhood. I had messy hair and mismatched clothes, because my mother let me freely choose the outfit I wanted to wear, which I loved. And I let Drascilla do the same thing. Because I loved my childhood and remember fun good times. ?? Drascilla is my world and we do so many fun things together. I work full time to make sure she has everything she wants and needs. She’s my little twin.”

Deavan and her The Other Way co-star Tiffany met for the series launch party in New York City last month, and they quickly became close friends. Tiffany joined in on the conversation in the comments section of Deavan’s post — as did Before the 90 Days star Jon Walters, who couldn’t resist offering up his advice on handling the haters. The result is quite an interesting read!


TIFFANY: Girl don’t pay attention they are a bunch of bored wine drunk old ladies lmao people who come online to talk sh*t are usually people who are not in a good place… if a grown adult kids say terrible things about a toddler online I think there’s definitely something more wrong with the adult not your daughter. And also they’re ugly hhahahahahah

DEAVAN: true they uuuugly

COMMENT: I didn’t write anything hateful nor am I old, but what’s wrong with wine ?! ??lol

TIFFANY: hahah girl I love wine. But don’t be old and bitter and go online and talk sh*t about a 3 year old hahah cause then ur just garbage that’s all I’m sayin

COMMENT: excuse me it’s vodka not wine get it right ? also you can call us ugly but at least our kids aren’t little terrors ?

TIFFANY: lol is everything okay at home? I didn’t @ you but if you wanna come out of the weeds and admit to being a MOM who comes online and talks sh*t about a toddler than ??? enjoy your vodka baby, do better Hahahahahah. And I hope you take a long time to type up a witty response to what I just said. It would be pointless considering I just confirmed what you admitted sad for you ??

DEAVAN: hahahahaha pathetic women in their mid 40s who drink vodka and pick on a three year old on a social media platform made for teens ? **** is a real winner

COMMENT: I love getting drunk on Vodka especially when I’m trying on Swimsuits. Your baby should be running wild! There’s plenty of time to be a grown up. My 3 were allowed to be wild and at 6 they had to behave in public lol…

DEAVAN: Side note kids get excited when cameras are around they want to show off because of a camera that’s how kids are she’s amazing and my wonderful princess

COMMENT: she is still a toddler. No need to explain why a kid acts that way. I have two special needs girls that to the world look normal but they aren’t. I get looks all the time when they act out but i don’t care. Don’t let it bother you. She is beautiful and you know her better then anyways one else. These people who think it’s ok to prey on little kids obviously have no life of their own. Let her be a kid and that’s it. If people don’t like it oh well.

JON: Absolutely rotters

JON: I wasn’t going to taint your page or disrespect a family photo- but I did write that a few times before I decided go with rotters

COMMENT: my kids have adhd and autism…crazy young boys ages 4 and 7….in public they run around like wild beasts….and the only voice their little brains do not hear is MINE. lol they have the biggest hearts and beautiful souls. hyper and daredevils yes…but they are children. wtf do people have kids for…to just restrict them and force them to be like adults 247? my kids are happy. eff all these sanctimommies

DEAVAN: yes kids should be able to be kids I agree

COMMENT: yes kids should be kids. However, kids need discipline and guidance. I want my kid to be someone others enjoy being around and me too for that matter. If kids are out of control no one wants to be around.

COMMENT: i agree…but not all people want to medicate adhd in young ones and their focus is off. sometimes it cannot be helped. sometimes…..people try their best.

COMMENT: OMG!!! Time to start blocking already! I’m so sorry Deavan.

DEAVAN: it’s okay I signed up for this ? people are poo poo heads

COMMENT: Who in their right mind would say something like that about a THREE YEAR OLD.

DEAVAN: a lot of people

COMMENT: that amazes me. I’m so sorry. She’s beautiful and apparently people don’t understand that kids aren’t always perfect. They have emotions and sometimes they don’t know how to express or control them. That’s just wrong people are saying stuff like that. She’s gorgeous and you’re doing an AMAZING job momma.

BBAKKI: Yip! Yip!*
[*Not actual comment from Bbakki]

COMMENT: Motherhood is hard..and people calling her and you names is wayyy too much….but also I kind of wondered why you seemed to let her march all over the table and counters? I haven’t even gotten to that stage of motherhood yet but It frightens me bc you never know the personality your child will have

DEAVAN: she’s strong and a climber I was a climber too, she is a gymnast so we know she won’t get hurt so she enjoys climbing things

COMMENT: it’s not about injury, it’s just respect and orderly behaviour? Get her a jungle gym, my daughter loves gymnastics and to climb as well, on my counters?! Hell no and she knows it, she’s 3 in August

DEAVAN: respect comes from house rules our house rules is she can be on the counter and help us prepare dinner, she has those things

DEAVAN: she can do as she pleases in my house because that’s my rules she wants to be on the counter she can because she wants to learn to cook so it’s no ones business if she’s on the counter in my OWN house doesn’t mean she does it everywhere only MY house because I like her help and I’m not an a**hole

COMMENT: I mean it’s your call but its just why people are kinda like “whoa” also, first she likes to climb and now it’s help with cooking? That’s cute, so do my kids…on a chair or step stool though

DEAVAN: honestly didn’t see anything wrong with the counter just normal where I’m from never had a problem and never seen other children have a problem. And I still don’t see anything wrong with it

COMMENT: Ignore the haters girl. Coming from someone who was bullied as a young child too. Your daughter is an angel and doesn’t deserve it. People need to look in the mirror. Just say f**k em and they jealous too because you and your family slay. Keep going!

JON: ignoring bullies is the worst thing you can do. They are sad, lonely, miserable and loveless. What’s the harm is telling them that whole family hates them, that they will die alone and when they are gone no one will care. If you know bullies are broken I say stick the knife in and ruin they day.

COMMENT: you’re totally right better to ignore why wind yourself up and get angry that won’t be good for your mental health in the long run it’s better to focus on what you have rather then ppl think…his advice is totally bogus ???

JON: you’re talking sh*t. I didn’t say get angry and let it ruin your day. I said those haters are broken people who attack other to feel good. Knowing they are sad little c*nts with no life and no one to love them – might as well tell them that you know no f**ker is ever going to love them. It’s totally ruins their [day] because they know they are miserable. Ignoring them give the freedom to attack people and feel good about it. Some do it for attention but most hate because the are sad lovey hurting and miserable. I say blast them. Then don’t give them another second of thought. Trust me I know because I’ve been dealing with rotters for a year. I’m happy and content and I don’t get upset or mad soooooo out of the 2 of us, I’m the expert

TIFFANY: [Jon] you win the Internet

If you’d like to get to know Deavan beyond just the edited footage you see on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, she recently did an Instagram live session with John Yates. (We’ve included their session below.) In the video, Deavan addresses a wide range of topics, but doesn’t really stray so far as to violate her NDA and give any spoilers away.

One question she is asked is about the origin of her daughter’s unique name, which many suspected might have been inspired by Joss Whedon’s character Drusilla from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. (Which in turn is probably due in part to TLC’s closed captioning spelling her name that way.) “It’s not from Buffy,” Deavan explains. “I like unique names. I hate common names. Especially in Utah — everybody’s either named Amanda, Heather, or Navaeh. So I really wanted a unique name. I was on YouTube and I just typed in ‘unique names’ and I saw Drusilla, and I decided to just change the letters up, and I fell in love with it.”

Deavan adds that she’s no longer alone in her love for the name. “Everyone in my family didn’t like it,” she says, “but now they love it because it suits her. That’s the story behind her name. It’s not interesting. Sorry.”

And what about Drascilla’s dad? “He’s not in the picture at all,” Deavan says. “Never has been, never will be. I do make a statement about it on the show. I don’t know which episode it’s gonna be, but you’ll be able to further learn about that situation.”

Be sure to keep up with Deavan and Jihoon’s (and Drascilla and Bbakki’s) story with new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airing Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC! Until then, here is Deavan’s live session with John Yates to tide you over:

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