90 DAY FIANCE Nicole’s dad Tyler Nafziger sentenced, ex Robbalee confirms he’s homeless

The father of 90 Day Fiance star Nicole Nafziger has been sentenced for multiple felony convictions in Florida after being arrested nearly ten times over the past two years. Prior to his most recent arrest, police tracked down Nicole’s mother, Robbalee, and she confirmed that “she nor her children have been in contact with Tyler. Tyler’s phone is shut off and he is homeless.”

On November 5, 2020, Tyler was sentenced to 157 days in Manatee County jail after admitting to stealing more than $750 worth of toiletries from a CVS. He was credited for the full 157 days of time served and didn’t have to spend any additional time behind bars. The third degree felony theft conviction also resulted in Tyler being charged $1,369.62 in fines and fees.

Six months after his sentencing in that case, Tyler was arrested again for grand theft after a series of thefts at multiple home improvement stores with thousands of dollars worth of stolen merchandise. The theft arrest also triggered a probation violation from his previous drug possession arrest. Tyler was found guilty of grand theft, a third degree felony, on June 18. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 12 months probation with 27 days credit for time served.

In addition to the jail time and probation, Tyler was also assessed $1,251.00 in fines and fees. He was ordered to complete 75 hours of community service and to take an “Advance Theft Offender Course.”

90 Day Fiance fans will remember Tyler for being the one who agreed to be the financial sponsor for Nicole’s fiancé Azan Tefou’s K-1 visa application.

Tyler’s recent legal issues began after an altercation with a woman that he was helping move out of a halfway house in October of 2019. In addition to battery, Tyler was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after police found a glass pipe in his possession that tested positive for cocaine residue. He was booked again a few months later and charged with possession of Fentanyl and drug paraphernalia.

After the two drug arrests, Tyler was booked multiple times for taking items out of Goodwill donation bins. In May of 2020 he found himself back in Sarasota County jail after attempting to steal two 24-packs of Corona beer from a local grocery store.

Tyler Nafziger’s felony arrests

Up to and including the Corona beer incident, all of Tyler’s theft arrests were misdemeanors given the low value of the items taken. That changed in July of 2020 when Tyler was caught on CVS surveillance cameras walking out with more than $750 worth of merchandise without paying. From the police report filed stemming from Tyler’s arrest on July 28:

The male is observed on the store’s surveillance footage entering the store with nothing in his hands. He proceeds to the front of the store where he selects empty CVS bags. The male is then observed walking up and down the store aisles placing razors, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soaps and body soaps in the bags. The male filled up bags and also placed items down his pants to conceal them. The male then exits the store passing all points of purchase without paying for the items.

This incident occurred at 0741am so the store did not approach the suspect due to lack of staff at that time. The vehicle license plate was obtained. I ran the Florida tag that was provided for the suspect vehicle. The owner of the vehicle was Tyler Nafziger. I compared the surveillance footage to Tyler and believed he was the suspect. In doing research on Tyler I was able to locate his ex wife Robbalee Fouraker. I met with Robbalee and showed her the video surveillance and asked her if she could identify the man in the footage. Robbalee stated that it was her ex husband Tyler Nafziger. Robbalee advised me Tyler had a drug problem. Robbalee stated that she nor her children have been in contact with Tyler. Tyler’s phone is shut off and he is homeless.

CVS provided an itemized list of the items stolen by Tyler. The total for the items taken is $ 751.62

Given the value of the stolen merchandise, Tyler was charged with third-degree felony petit theft.

In 2021, Tyler’s thieving escalated again as he moved on from stealing items that he actually wanted and/or needed for himself to stealing things of value to resell. He was arrested in May of 2021 after attempting to steal more than $1,000 worth of merchandise from a home improvement store. As a result of the investigation into the theft, it was determined that Tyler previously participated in multiple other thefts at other home improvement stores.

Tyler Nafziger police report narrative

On 5/15/2021 at 1609 hours, I responded to [redacted] in reference to a retail theft. I made contact with the complainant who advised the following.

[redacted] observed via CCTV a white older male exiting the store through the main entrance with a shopping cart full of merchandise. The male was also carrying an echo trimmer. [redacted] reviewed the surveillance video and observed the following. The white male placed a Toro 22″ High Wheel lawn mower valued at approximately $349.00 into his shopping cart along with other items. The male then passed all points of sale without having any intentions of paying. [redacted] immediately ran out into the parking lot and observed the male with the merchandise. While observing the white male in the parking lot, a black male driving a white and yellow older model truck bearing a North Carolina tag parked into a parking spot. It appeared that the vehicle was going to pick up the white male. The white male observed [redacted] approaching him and left the shopping cart full of merchandise and started to run. The male then ran across Cattlemen Rd where the white male was later detained by assisting deputies. The shopping cart was inventoried and had the following items. A Husky 20 piece combo ratchet set valued at $79.97, A Husky 11 piece ratchet set valued at $59.97, A Torro 22″ High Wheel mower valued at $349.00, A Husky 7 piece flex ratchet set valued at $59.97, an Echo 20″ gas hedge trimmer valued at $359.00, and Husky 194 piece set valued at $149.00. The total value taken is approximately $1,056.91.

The white male was later identified as Tyler Nafziger. I read Mr. Nafziger his Miranda warning at 1627 hours. Mr. Nafziger waived his rights and stated the following. I asked Mr. Nafziger if he knew the subject driving the white and yellow pickup truck. Mr. Nafziger stated it was some guy and that’s all he knows. Mr. Nafziger than stated that he did not want to speak anymore.

Assisting deputies made contact with the white and yellow truck that was seen trying to pick up Mr. Nafziger. Contact was made with the driver, later identified as ***** *******. Mr. ******* spontaneously uttered that he knows Mr. Nafziger. Mr. ******* further stated that Mr. Nafziger calls him on his phone to ask if he can drive Mr. Nafziger around. Mr. ******* further stated that he and Mr. Nafziger and were at another last Sunday where Mr. Nafziger left the store with home improvement tools. While speaking with Mr. ******* there was a leaf blower in the bed of his truck. Mr. Harris than stated “The white guy took that from Lowe’s on Fruitville Rd.”

I asked another Deputy Ivanov to respond to Lowe’s located at 5750 Fruitville Rd Sarasota, FL 34232 to see if the item was stolen from that location. The employees were able to verify that the product was missing, but at this time it is undetermined if Lowe’s would like to press charges for the theft. The product was returned and a report was taken to document the theft. See case # 21-41105.

[redacted] further stated the white and yellow pickup truck was observed on Sunday in connection to a retail theft at 5475 University Pkwy University Park, FL 34201 [Home Depot]. The total amount that was taken from that location was approximately $1,296.76.

Based on the testimony from and spontaneous statements from Mr. *******, both Mr. ******* and Mr. Nafziger were placed under arrest for violating F.S.S. 812.015(8C). Both Mr. ******* and Mr. Nafziger committed retail theft in concert from more than one location within a 30-day period in which the amount of property taken was over $750 at each location.

Details on Tyler’s previous arrests

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