90 DAY FIANCE Molly filed for divorce from Luis on January 23

90 Day Fiance Molly files for divorce from Luis

I doubt there are any 90 Day Fiance fans out there hoping for a reconciliation between Molly Hopkins and her Dominican hubby Luis Mendez, but if there are, I have some disappointing news for you as their split is officially in the process of becoming a divorce.

Reality Blurb was the first to break the news, revealing that Molly filed for divorce in Georgia on January 23. The post’s author Sola mentions that the divorce filing eluded them because it was filed under Molly’s new last name of Mendez — and I literally did a face palm because I have been religiously checking Georgia records every other day for “Molly Hopkins” for the last two months. (Ever since Luis posted in early January that Molly “is divorcing me.”)

Anyways, here is the front page of the filing, which doesn’t reveal too much information. It does mention that the couple officially got married on July 20, 2017 (as we were the first to reveal back in November), and it says they have been officially separated since January 5:

90 Day Fiance Molly Hopkins Luis divorce

The rest of the filing is pretty straight forward without a lot of specifics. Molly (the Plaintiff) says that she is “entitled to a divorce from Defendant on the statutory grounds that the marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.”

It’s unclear whether or not Molly had a prenuptial agreement, but she will be trying to protect her premarital assets from Luis. “Plaintiff shows that the parties have acquired no marital property during the course of the marriage and the Plaintiff should be awarded all of her premarital property,” the filing states. It adds: “Plaintiff asks that all marital assets and debts, if any, be equitably distributed by the court.”

Later in the filing, Molly requests that Luis “be enjoined and restrained from transferring or disposing of the property of the parties.”

Unlike her 90 Day Fiance co-star Danielle Jbali, Molly will be dropping her married name of Molly Mendez and reverting to her maiden name of Molly Hopkins. And speaking of Danielle, it is very important to point out that nowhere in the filing does it mention an annulment. Fans of the show will know that an annulment would instantly put Luis’ immigration status in jeopardy as it would suggest that their marriage was fraudulent. A divorce, as evidenced by Mohamed Jbali, merely means some added paperwork when it comes time to renew your green card.

I should note that the filing was on January 23, but Molly’s attorney signed off on January 9, and Molly herself signed on January 12.

According to a separate document, Luis’ legal counsel was served on the same day (January 23) that the divorce was filed, so that should preclude some sort of dramatic scene where Molly is trying to chase Luis down like Danielle did with Mohamed.

I’m not sure if Molly was Luis’ sponsor, but whomever that was is now financially responsible for Luis if he is unable (or unwilling) to find employment. Basically, if he receives any sort of government aid, his sponsor will be obligated to pay that back to the US government. That condition is in place for ten years.

90 Day Fiance Molly and Luis laughing together

Both Molly and Luis appear to be enjoying their lives post-divorce filing. Molly has been attending numerous events and appears to be focused on her daughters. Luis is reportedly in New Jersey with his brother, where he is trying out new hairstyles and apparently pitching some online woo to all the ladies with topless Instagram pics in which he “looks so much baby:”

i look so much baby without beard ?????

A post shared by Luis Mendez (@luisemmanuel91) on

Hmmmm… I wonder how long it will be before we get a spin-off show in which Luis moves in with Mohamed as both fellers hit the dating scene? It would be like the 1980s sitcom Perfect Strangers, except both guys would be from another country. (Can you imagine the scene where Molly and Danielle show up unannounced?!)

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