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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After 2018 preview trailer premieres May 20 Azan

90 Day Fiance fans rejoice! TLC announced earlier this year that they would be bringing back the entire catalogue of shows under the 90 Day Fiance franchise umbrella. But the network had remained completely silent about premiere dates — until now!

According to multiple reports, TLC premiered the first preview trailer for the brand new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After during an episode of Trading Spaces Saturday night. The trailer not only cleared up a lot of casting rumors (more on that in a minute), but also announced that the revamped #HEE crew will be returning Sunday, May 20 at 9/8c!

I have spent the better part of an hour scouring the internet looking for the preview trailer video, and it appears that the ONLY version currently available online is one submitted by a fan via the r/90DayFiance subreddit and tweeted by @Katie_NotHolmes:

Although it is hard to tell from that video, if you combine what you see there with numerous other online reports, here are the cast members who’ll appear on Happily Ever After? this season, beginning with those returning from last season:

Jorge and Anfisa
Russ and Paola

Nicole and Azan

David and Annie
Chantel and Pedro
Molly (and Luis?)

UPDATE – We now have a better quality clip!

This list clarifies things a bit, but also raises a lot of questions. First, the clarifications:

Loren and Alexei appear to be gone — which many people predicted. I like this couple a lot, and they are on my list of folks on the show that I think I could enjoy hanging out and having drinks with, but their story lines on the show have just not been that entertaining. Her transition to “mean girl” alongside Pao at the Reunion made for some good TV, but apparently that wasn’t enough to merit her return.

The same cannot be said for Pao, apparently. She was in the same boat as Loren as far as fan interest, but it seems her “cuhreer” and Russ’s perpetual jealousy issues were enough to invite her back.

We now know what TLC decided to do with their fan favorite dramatastrophic couple Nicole and Azan! This will be the third season for the couple, despite the fact that Azan has not even been able to get his K-1 visa yet. Nicole has reportedly jetted back to Morocco in hopes of marrying Azan and eventually returning to the US on a CR1 visa. That sounds like a TERRIBLE idea as far as their lives go, but a FANTASTIC idea as far as TV viewers go!

We knew Annie and David Toborowsky would be back, and it was assumed it would be Happily Ever After?, so no surprises here. David appears to be working towards reconciling with his family as they all deal with the aftermath of his son Jacob Toborowsky being accidentally shot in the face by a friend. Also, there are rumors that part of David and Annie’s story line will be the two of them debating a return to Thailand.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Chantel Pedro tiny hat

It’s nice to see Chantel and Pedro! Actually, to be honest, this couple kind of falls in the Loren and Alexei category for me in that I like them, but I don’t know if I want to watch these two on TV every week. The same CANNOT be said for their families! You just know we’re going to see at least one international trip, a chicken foot or two, and numerous tiny hats this season — and that brings me great joy!

We previously reported that Josh and Aika were filming for What Now? and also that Larry and Jenny were not filming at all — due in part to his desire to try to make it on his own as a Youtuber.

We weren’t really sure about Sean and Abby, but it seems their falling out and eventual split will not be documented on Happily Ever After?, although the door is still open for a promotion from Before the 90 Days to 90 Day Fiance.

Our sources told us that Cortney and Antonio were filming for What Now?, despite the fact that they were no longer in a relationship and reportedly refused to film together. We haven’t really heard anything about Patrick, but that may be due in part to the fact that we haven’t asked.

***SIGH*** It looks like Calremont’s finest will not be returning this season. There is no sign of Evelyn and David in the trailer, so it seems the negative backlash she has received was enough to motivate her to focus on her music career without the help of additional reality TV exposure. We never really had any sort of indication that Evelyn would come back, but I admit that I was holding out hope. I was put off by her personality — albeit not as much as the rest of the internet — but I DEFINITELY enjoyed watching her and David, and I think they brought a very unique element to the show.

OK, now on to the head scratchers…

What is Molly doing on here?! I know that she became a fan favorite thanks to the emergence of Luis as perhaps the franchise’s biggest villain of all time, but to feature her on Happily Ever After? when she has filed for divorce from Luis seems surprising to say the least. And given what Luis has said about TLC (including his threat to sue them), I cannot imagine he will agree to film. So just Molly? I enjoy Molly too, but unless they make it rain enough to get Luis back as well, I think her inclusion is a bit of a stretch. (I know Luis is included in the trailer, but that could very easily be old footage from last season.)

And if they did decide to feature a single Molly, there where in the world is Danielle Jbali?! There have been numerous reports that Danielle has been filming, so it’s now unclear what she was filming *for*. Perhaps it is TLC’s digital web series What Now? I find it hard to believe they would delegate the franchise’s marquee star to digital web series status. Perhaps she has merited her own spin-off? That doesn’t seem feasible either, unless they also got Mohamed on board. A spin-off about Danielle and Mohamed trying to move on makes a lot of sense.

Darcey and Jesse have been filming, but I guess it wasn’t for Happily Ever After? These two twin flames are bona fide 90 Day Fiance LEGENDS so I find it a bit surprising that TLC wouldn’t do whatever it took to get them on television for at least one more season. Jesse’s situation is a bit different because he is able to travel to the US without a K-1 visa, so I suppose there is still a possibility that #Darsse will return as part of the regular 90 Day Fiance series despite the “90 days” aspect being meaningless.

Before the 90 Days Paul Staehle Karine wedding photo

Paul Staehe and Karine Martins have definitely been filming and absolutely HAVE to be back on TV. I assume that their absence from Happily Ever After? means they will be on 90 Day Fiance or will be getting their own spin-off. Normally I would say that a separate spin-off after just one season of Before the 90 Days is a bit of a stretch, but Paul and Karine got married in Brazil, so the whole concept of 90 Day Fiance (via the K-1 visa process) would be moot.

In this case, perhaps a new spin-off would be justifiable. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised to see TLC take advantage of the opportunity to launch a new series in the 90 Day Fiance franchise featuring couples who marry overseas before attempting to come back to the US via a CR1 (or IR1) visa. This would be a potential future home for Nicole and Azan if they ever actually managed to walk down the aisle together.

PLEASE NOTE – TLC has a history of not including all of the cast members of their 90 Day Fiance shows in the preview trailers, though I don’t recall them ever leaving anyone out of a trailer for a show featuring cast members who were returning. I just wanted to point out that just because someone wasn’t in the first preview trailer doesn’t 100% mean they will not be on this season.

Well, I was hoping that if I rambled long enough that by the time I finished there would be a better quality video of the preview trailer available, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. We will keep an eye out and update as soon as it turns up. And unless TLC plans on doing two-hour episodes, I imagine we will be getting another preview trailer and premiere date for another 90 Day Fiance show soon to pair with Happily Ever After? on Sunday nights. Stay tuned!

UDPATE – A better clip appeared and has been added above!

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