90 DAY FIANCE Ashley Martson admits Jay split fake, never had dialysis, Jay ran fake social media accounts…

90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson is finally admitting she and husband Jay Smith have been VERY actively lying about their lives in an effort to draw attention to themselves and the show. In a series of posts shared in her Instagram story, Ashley confesses that she and Jay “have never separated since the day we were married” before also admitting that Jay was running alternate social media accounts that were leaking things like wedding photos, etc. Ashley also seems to admit that some of her health updates were inaccurate after being hospitalized (and launching a GoFundMe to help pay her medical bills) last month.

We will start with Ashley and Jay’s reported split, which included Ashley filing for divorce on January 11. A copy of the divorce paperwork was sent to multiple outlets on January 23. We contacted the County Clerk that same day and discovered that Ashley had withdrawn the divorce petition the day before on January 22! The timing was EXTREMELY suspicious, and seemed to indicate that the divorce filing was just for headlines. After it went unnoticed by the media, the divorce was withdrawn 11 days later. Then, the next day, someone leaked JUST the divorce petition to multiple 90 Day Fiance Instagram accounts.

“Jay and I have never separated since the day we were married,” Ashley states flatly. “We were made to act as if our relationship was no longer active,” she writes, before later echoing the claim: “We have been asked (and agreed for some time) to fake our relationship by not posting anything that makes us appear that we are together.”

Ashley then tries to rebuff claims that she is a “money-hungry scammer” by pointing out that she is breaking her non-disclosure agreement with show producers. “Breaking the NDA means I won’t be paid a dime for future shows,” she reveals.

It was our understanding that Ashley and Jay were filming for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, and I don’t think ANYONE believes that they would film the show without getting paid. So, that would seem to indicate one of two things: either Ashley was given permission to violate her NDA and clear the air by show producers, or TLC has changed their minds about including the couple on Happily Ever After. Although it is pure speculation, the latter scenario seems more likely to me.

Ashley does seem to suggest that there is still the possibility that she and Jay might return, but only if “MAJOR changes are made” by producers. “Many viewers have pointed out a ton of inconsistencies that they found while the show was airing – the fraud comes from the top down,” she says. “The show ruins relationships and people’s overall image for less than the Pennsylvania minimum wage and I do not elect to continue the Three Ring Circus unless MAJOR changes are made.”

More from Ashley suggesting that her days on TLC might not be over:

We will be working with the necessary parties to find a solution to the constant deception and lies we are being asked to participate in as it is not conducive to the very real consequences that potentially exist for us. Immigration, K-1, etc: all real.

Personally, I thought this show was just for entertainment & that’s what we were told. Since the show has ended I never confirmed the status of our relationship due to the contract.

Ashley also addresses her hospitalization on January 13 after she was reportedly found unresponsive in her home. “I was very sick a few weeks ago and was admitted into the ER for a seizure and acute renal failure,” she says. “After three doctors and many decisions regarding dialysis and a possible port placement, they first decided to try IV treatments and medications for blood calcium/potassium levels as an alternative. Fortunately, the alternative treatment was successful.”

That statement appears to contradict a health update posted on Ashley’s Instagram account two days after she was admitted. “Ashley underwent surgery where they placed a catheter into her abdomen,” someone shared for Ashley on her Instagram account. “This is for access site to begin peritoneal dialysis today. Doctors are hopeful that dialysis will be temporary and that it will aid in helping her kidneys repair themselves.” Having “surgery where they placed a catheter into her abdomen” seems to be a bit more than discussions about “a possible port placement.” There are also more medical questions surrounding Ashley’s hospitalization — you can read a well thought out post about those on reddit.

Meanwhile, the GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Ashley’s medical bills also made some bold claims, that seem like a bit of a stretch given Ashley’s recent statements. The campaign’s description says that Ashley “will begin dialysis and be placed on the [kidney] donor list,” and “she will be out of work for months without any financial support.” As you may know, numerous people sent messages to GoFundMe expressing their concerns that the campaign might be misleading.

“Many of you reported the Go Fund Me as fraud, so I *did* have to prove my hospitalization so that the money would be given to me, and it was,” Ashley reveals. “Thank you again. If I couldn’t prove it, then the Go Fund Me would have been removed as a violation of their policies.”

Ashley speaks at length about the fact that her husband Jay created more than one fake social media account because “he was trying to beat [Ashley’s former best friend] Natalie from starting another one so she couldn’t continue to defame us or post our address, personal numbers, and children’s photos.” I know that Natalie allegedly sent some social media accounts information about Ashley before the season aired, but I’ve been following along with all the social media drama this season, and I really haven’t seen her doing much more than responding to Ashley’s continued allegations against her.

Natalie still insists that she has not created any fake social media profiles in order to post things about Ashley and Jay. “I in fact have NO involvement in any fake accounts,” she told In Touch in response to Ashley’s most recent claims.

Ashley also calls out some of her 90 Day Fiance co-stars who have apparently withdrawn their support given Ashley’s admissions. “YOU WORK FOR THE SAME SHOW, so – acting like you’re mortified about the falsity of things that happen is COMPLETELY hypocritical,” Ashley says. “You’re ridiculous and just as much a part of this façade as me.”

One 90 Day Fiance star who was VERY vocal in her disdain for Ashley and Jay was Happily Ever After‘s Paola Mayfield:

I will included all of Ashley’s posts in their entirety below, but I wanted to share my thoughts on all of this before we get to that. I’ve been following all of Ashley and Jay’s drama quite closely since before their first episode even aired. It is my opinion that these two are SUPER THIRSTY and willing to do just about anything for attention.

I was willing to give Ashley the benefit of the doubt when she was supposedly trying to prevent Natalie from leaking the stories like Ashley’s rape and her history of relationships with domestic violence involved, but I just don’t believe it any more. We were approached by people before the season aired (not Natalie) who had some pretty wild claims about what Ashley is capable of in terms of attention-seeking, and those claims are seeming anything but wild at this point.

It’s my impression that TLC has given Ashley and Jay the same kind of subtle suggestions or guidelines to help with their story lines as the rest of the cast members. That would include insisting that they not ruin their “break up” story line on social media. But, Ashley and Jay went WAY OVER THE TOP with their compliance! There is a HUGE difference between “We have been asked (and agreed for some time) to fake our relationship by not posting anything that makes us appear that we are together,” and filing for divorce!

I also believe that it is very possible that all of Ashley and Jay’s over-the-top antics and deception got them booted from Happily Ever After. It had gotten so bad, I think the only way producers would consider keeping them on is to have Ashley and Jay come clean as part of their story line — which may very well be what is happening. I will be the first to confess that I would tune in for that! (I like crazy reality show drama as much as anyone, but I do not look forward to seeing Ashley and Jay continue their normal BS for another season.)

OK, that was my two cents! Let’s get back to Ashley’s! Here are all of her posts reformatted so that they read a little better:

UPDATE – Ashley has since announced that she will be refunding everyone who donated to her GoFundMe campaign:

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