90 DAY FIANCE Emily wants to hide her second pregnancy from her family

90 Day Fiancé‘s Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise are trying to work things out as a new family while living with Emily’s parents, who are eager for them to flee the nest. They’ve asked Emily to not have any more children under their roof, but what happens now that Emily is expecting baby number 2?

Emily’s parents are stressed about financially supporting Emily, Kobe, and their son Koban and have asked them to not have another child until they are living on their own. In tonight’s episode, however, Emily finds out that she’s expecting her second child with Kobe.

Emily and Kobe decide to have Emily take two pregnancy tests in a public restroom after Emily reveals she hasn’t had her period in weeks. Kobe can’t believe that this has happened. Emily argues that Kobe asked her to not take birth control.

In interview, they argue some more about how Emily might be pregnant. Kobe claims he told Emily to not take birth control because he feared it would affect her fertility in the future. Still, he didn’t want to have another baby right away.

After both tests are positive, Emily tells Kobe that they need to hide the pregnancy from her family because they paid for the wedding. She wants everyone to enjoy the wedding and then worry about the newest addition to the family.

WHen Kobe asks how long she could hide it, Emily replies she can do it until she’s showing. That’s quite a secret to keep from family members in such close quarters.

Kobe doesn’t know how he’ll be able to look Emily’s parents in the face while harboring this big secret. He also worries

“It’s already happened,” Kobe says. “It’s not something we can change.” When Emily asks if Kobe is happy about the new baby, he hesitates because it’s “so heavy.”

Kobe wants more kids, but the timing is really bad. Right now the financial responsibility is more on Emily as Kobe has to wait to be able to legally work in the U.S. On top of all the financial issues and the promise to not have another kid in Emily’s parents’ house, Emily and Kobe have had some issues about how to parent their son and even how they treat each other.

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