90 DAY FIANCE Details on Patrick’s Dallas rental house. Is it bigger than his Austin house?

90 Day Fiance Patrick Mendes Austin house and Dallas house compared

As Starcasm was the first to report, 90 Day Fiance star Patrick Mendes is currently living near downtown Dallas. He and his fiancée Thais (and his brother John) relocated to Dallas after Patrick sold his house near Austin, Texas for roughly $800,000 in December of last year.

The family’s move, and the new house, is featured on this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance. “You know my plan to start a new office in Dallas?” Patrick asks Thais as they are heading out on their first date in America. “I thought we’d have more time to stay here in Austin, but we’re going to be moving to Dallas real soon,” he reveals.

Thais seems excited about the move, but her excitement is greatly diminished when she finds out that John will continue living with them in Dallas. Her lessened excitement devolves into outright disappointment when she and Patrick arrive at the new house in Dallas and it’s revealed that John will essentially be taking the entire upstairs.

“Arriving here, I’m not feeling that good,” Thais admits in her confessional after taking a tour of the new house. “I don’t know, it’s a weird feeling. I liked the other house, so it’s kind of hard for me. ”
“I’m not enjoying this house because Patrick did all the plans without consulting me,” Thais continues. “I don’t like the fact that John is occupying the entire second floor [and] that we were left with a small part of downstairs. I’m not feeling at home, you know?”

After the tour, Patrick asks Thais what she thinks of the house. “A little small,” Thais replies. John seems incredulous as he confirms that she actually said it was “small.”
Patrick also points out that the new house is not small at all. “Compared to your house,” Thais counters.

“This house is actually bigger than my house. I told you that,” Patrick argues. “It’s just because it’s two stories it seems that the spaces downstairs are a little smaller.”

“Your living room was SOOO big!” Thais says. “Look!” she adds, motioning towards the new downstairs living room.

“I don’t have any patience if Thais is dissatisfied with the house. Like, zero,” Patrick says in a confessional. “I grew up in a trailer park. And it was with six people, which means like everyone was sharing bedrooms. Coming from that perspective, like, it just pi**es me off. And it’s a huge red flag for me. It’s you know, almost a million dollar house!”

Patrick’s Austin and Dallas Houses Compared

It’s time to fact check what Patrick stated on the show. First off, it’s important to point out that the house is rented.
As we mentioned in our previous post, the property was sold to another person in November of last year. The list price of the new house at the time it was purchased was $649,000, which is $150,000 less than the list price of Patrick’s house in Austin (Dripping Springs) when it sold in December. So, Patrick’s former house was much closer to being “almost a million dollar house” than the new diggs.

The Dallas house was listed as a rental for $4,550 a month just one week after the November closing. The rental listing was removed on November 22, which is in between the time that Patrick’s Austin house listing was removed and the sale was finalized.

Patrick is correct when he says that the Dallas house is bigger than his Austin house. According to the listings for each, Patrick’s Austin house was 2,615 square feet with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The new house in Dallas is 2,708 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms.

Thais brings up the sizes of the living rooms specifically, and she is correct in her assertion that the new living room is smaller.
The Austin living room measured 20 feet by 19 feet and was open to the dining room, which measured 16 feet by 17 feet and six inches. The living room in the Dallas house measures 17 feet by 15 feet. Judging on the photos from the listing, this living room is also open to the dining room, which measures 14 feet by 11 feet.

Here are photos of the living rooms from the two listings for comparison:
90 Day Fiance Patrick Mendes Austin house living room photos

90 Day Fiance Patrick Mendes new Dallas house living room photos

Patrick and Thais Home Purchase Timeline

According to what we see on the show, Patrick had been talking with Thais about a potential relocation to Dallas for a while. However, the timeline got moved up quickly and unexpectedly.

That story line doesn’t seem to jibe with reality. According to real estate records, Patrick first listed his Austin house for sale for $849,900 back in August of 2021. Patrick and Thais moved into the Dallas house just a couple weeks after she arrives in the United States, which means that Patrick listed his house for sale at least two-and-a-half months before she arrived.

The Austin house listing was removed in October and it closed in December, which doesn’t seem like a rushed closing. I’m not sure what the situation would have been where Patrick didn’t know they were moving when Thais arrived, then was physically moved into a new house less than two weeks later?

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