90 DAY FIANCE Jason Hitch officially files for divorce from Cassia

90 Day Fiance Jason and Cassia headed for divorce

We reported early last month that 90 Day Fiance couple Jason Hitch and his Brazilian bride Cassia Tavares were headed for divorce, and online records indicate the process has officially been started as Jason filed a petition for dissolution of their marriage.

Jason filed in his home state of Florida on January 30. The additional forms were entered on February 5 with a judge being assigned to their case the following day. It is a dissolution of marriage filing, which generally indicates that neither party is contesting the divorce.

It’s unclear how long the divorce process will take, but if the couple opted for Florida’s “Simplified Dissolution of Marriage,” it can be less than 30 days from filing to finalization. It’s not hard to do the math and realize that would equate to finalization any day now.

We spoke with both Jason and Cassia about their split back in January. At the time, Jason was still wanting to try to make the relationship work, but Cassia was ready to move on. “I tried everything last year to save whatever we thought we had,” Jason told us. “She flipped a switch and that was it. There was nothing I could do.”

Cassia shared a lengthy statement with us about the split, and argued that it was more complicated than just flipping a switch. She referenced Jason’s temper, which resulted in his arrest last year after a domestic altercation with Cassia, as a main reason for her decision to move on. “You need to understand that even if with all my heart I wanted to give him a chance, I couldn’t,” Cassia said. “He has destroyed everything I felt for him.”

As far as the future, Jason mentioned that he was working on losing some weight as he tested the waters of the dating pool once again, while Cassia was working towards her bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida. “Right now, I am focused on getting my degree and moving on,” Cassia said. “As for Jason, I am not sure what to say. ‘I wish him the best?’ I don’t know. I wish him what is fair. Let the Universe decide what is fair. I just want to move on and not be associated with him anymore.”

If you are wondering about Cassia’s immigration status, Jason revealed to us that they had applied to have the conditions removed from her green card back in August, so I don’t think there would be any risk of Cassia being deported due to the divorce.

We will continue to monitor the divorce filing and update when it is finalized — if it is finalized.

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