90 DAY FIANCÉ Are Big Ed and Liz still together? Are they still engaged?

A whole lot has gone down with 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life‘s Big Ed Brown and Liz Moore. There have been multiple breakups, a leaked call demonstrating verbal abuse, Liz supporting Beg Ed being fired from TLC, and then news she that got engaged to him after all of that.

Big Ed and Liz have reportedly been cast on Season 2 of The Single Life, which will document more of their rocky relationship and road to possible engagement.

At the start of Season 1 of TSL Big Ed had made friends with Liz because he frequented the restaurant where she worked as a manager, Enoteca Adriana. He was hoping for something more but Liz, who is a single mom, was hesitant to date Ed at first. Once she got to know him better, though, she fully invested herself in the relationship. Ed, however, was more volatile once they actually started dating and moved in together. He broke up with Liz 8 times via text messages.

The Tell-All

By the time of the Tell-All reunion, which first aired on May 16, 2021, on Discovery+, they were broken up.

“Liz is somebody that I cared for and loved very much, and she wasn’t wrong. She was just the wrong one,” Big Ed said about Liz before she surprised him on set.

Liz revealed that she had committed to him so quickly because Big Ed threatened her with leaving if she didn’t. “He would tell me all the time that it wouldn’t work out between us, and it scared me that I would lose him, so I caved,” said said. “I didn’t want to lose him, and I still lost him.” She expressed frustration over the fact that Big Ed met her entire family very quickly into the relatinship, only to break up with hersoon afterwards.

Liz said he’d tell her he was going to take girls out until he found “The One,” so she didn’t think there was hope for reconciliation, even though she wanted that at one point.

She also revealed that they fought a lot and most of their fights were fueled by drinking. Big Ed also immediately went to Vegas to hang out with other girls and complain about “sugar babies” right after they broke up. Ed told her he was trying to fill his emptiness with the Vegas trip.

The leaked call

In May a phone call between Liz and Ed leaked during which Ed was verbally and emotionally abusive towards Liz because she gave a coworker a ride home. Instagram account @90DayCouple posted call online.

The call audio was shocking to the 90 Day audience. Liz was also done with him at the time and shared a petition to have him removed from TLC’s 90 Day franchise.

After the leaked phone call, Liz shared a photo of herself with another unidentifiable man on her 29th birthday, and Ed claimed to be looking for a new love who had to be at least 35-years-old. He also started leaving red heart emojis on his ex Rose Vega’s Instagram.

Engagement Rumors

At some point, Liz may have changed her mind about Ed. Not only did she get back together with him, but they reportedly got engaged sometime recently. A fan claimed to have seen them out in Santa Barbara with Liz sporting an engagement ring. The couple was also telling people they were engaged, and Big Ed introduced Liz as his “beautiful fiancee.”

A little over 2 months ago, Liz posted a picture of herself in her backyard claiming to be “single as F,” but this was posted before reports of the engagement started circulating.

You can see her ring in this photo they took in Santa Barbara in early September with a fan, posted on TMZ’s Instagram.

As of late October, neither one has publicly confirmed or denied that they’re still together or engaged, and they are not appearing on each other’s social media, which may have something to do with their contracts for 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life Season 2. Liz also doesn’t seem to be wearing her engagement ring in her Instagram photos. She’s been hiding her left hand, maybe strategically, for the past few weeks.

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