90 DAY FIANCE Did Ashley and Jay break up?

TLC has been teasing a cheating scandal between 90 Day Fiance couple Ashley and Jay in preview clips for tonight’s episode. But, the actual break up appears to be happening in real time as every indication on social media suggests the two just recently broke up!

In addition to the two flirty love birds no longer following each other on Instagram, they have scrubbed pretty much every photo of the other from their respective accounts. That combination in and of itself might not have been enough to merit more than idle speculation, but Ashley cranked the rumor mill up to full throttle with two Instagram story posts over the weekend.

“You can only fake that everything is ok for so long,” one text graphic read. “Then you just hit that point…..” it concluded, along with the sign off: “- ME!!!!!”

Ashley also did the 2018 equivalent of updating her Facebook status to single by announcing she and Jay are not longer selling Cameo appearances together! “Sorry for the cameo declines,” her message began. “We are no longer doing cameos. Happy holidays everyone.”

Jay hasn’t been posting anything hinting at a break up — quite the contrary actually. In addition to advertising his tattoo skills, Jay shared a Christmas-themed photo gallery of his niece as well as a clip of someone singing along emphatically to a rap clip that he captioned by writing: “I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good #mood and enjoy #life, wherever you are.”

It is unclear whether or not Ashley and Jay have split, but it is absolutely clear that Ashley at least wants us all to think that they have split. As numerous fans have pointed out on social media, this could very well just be her way of toeing the TLC line as far as creating some drama that matches up with their story line on the show.

If that’s the case, the timing does seem odd. There is simply no way that these two split up months ago when the scenes were filmed for tonight’s episode and have simply been putting on a huge charade this whole time — including the big 90 Day Fiance Season 6 launch party in California a couple months ago.

No, whatever the issue is that has Ashley in tears on tonight’s episode, they clearly got over it. As far as their impromptu Las Vegas wedding plans, I can find no record of them getting married there, so I’m guessing that the drama tonight will at least delay their nuptials. Perhaps then they will decide to have the beach wedding captured in the leaked wedding photos from earlier this month?

So what do you think? Did Ashley and Jay really break up? Perhaps scooter bae Natalie was right and Jay continued to give his infamous “D” to other women? I suppose we will all have to just keep tuning in to find out! 90 Day Fiance airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

UPDATE – It seems that Jay and Ashley are still together and going strong heading into the New Year, despite what they may be trying to have us think. Click the link for all the latest, including details on their three weddings as well as the shocking revelation that Natalie was at Jay and Ashley’s ceremony in Las Vegas!?

Here’s a preview clip followed by my theory on what happened courtesy of Oprah Winfrey:

Betrayal | 90 Day Fiance

From newlyweds to…this? ?Tune in to #90DayFiance Sunday at 8/7c.

Posted by 90 Day Fiance on Thursday, December 20, 2018

UPDATE – Ashley just shared another message in her Instagram story, and although it doesn’t specifically hint at a break up or anything, it does seem a bit pitiful:

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