1D’s Liam Payne blasts critics bemoaning his support of Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson Liam Payne

Twitter can sometimes make for odd, if not random, social media bedfellows. Take for instance the recent series of tweets from One Direction singer Liam Payne after he received grief for showing his support of Willie Robertson and the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame.

The family is a hot button topic after patriarch Phil Roberston’s filter free comments in regards to his views on homosexuality and race. Because of this reality in regards to the reality TV show, what seemed like a pretty innocuous tweet turned into a firestorm when Liam sent it out to his over 15 million followers.

Here’s what started it all:


Folks started replying with anger and vitriol because they felt that this was Payne defending Phil’s stances. He then spent quite some time, and quite a few tweets, trying to explain how that wasn’t the case.

Here is Liam’s nearly full stream of responses:

My two cents worth… I think Liam had the right to feel like his simple tweet-out to Willie was taken too far by so many. I think you can be a fan of the show and the Robertsons and not agree with Phil’s world view. Heck, the author who originally got those quotes from Phil stated that he couldn’t have been more opposed to Phil’s beliefs but that he also liked the Robertsons and enjoyed his time with the family that graciously welcomed him into their home.

As for Willie, he was appreciative of the support:

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