16 & Pregnant’s Jennifer Del Rio files for sole custody of twins after fleeing children’s father

16 & Pregnant Jennifer Del Rio from the After Show

Jennifer Del Rio and Josh Smith’s explosive relationship was documented during the former’s memorable episode of 16 & Pregnant. There were back and forth accusations between the parents of twin sons Joshua and Noah which later included multiple restraining orders, all kinds of accusations and arrests.

The last time we posted up about the couple we had an interview with Josh after discovering he was granted weekend custody rights and that Del Rio had packed up and fled, fearing for her safety. Jennifer has since turned up over 1,000 miles away and is seeking sole custody of her sons according to court documents. In the interview with Josh he indicated that his sons were with Jennifer.

Via the papers filed by Del Rio in Lake County, Illinois, the now 18-year-old is claiming she’s the one doing all the care-taking — feeding, bathing and grooming, so it would be in the children’s best interest to stay permanently with their mom. In addition, Jennifer cites the couple’s history of domestic violence as the primary reason for seeking sole custody.

There’s been no ruling from the courts yet.