16 and Pregnant Ashley Salazar’s extra credit Youtube video

Ashley Salazar

It’s rare that writing for a celebrity blog allows me the opportunity to actually impact the world in a positive way, but sometimes I do get that chance – and sometimes I act on it. This is one of those times!

Ashley Salazar, my all time favorite 16 and Pregnant cast member that hasn’t had her episode air yet, needs our help folks! Since filming her episode earlier this year (set to air December 21) in which she makes the very difficult decision to give her daughter Callie up for adoption, Ashley has moved on to college in New York City.

In one of her classes she was given the chance to earn a little extra credit if she could create a Youtube video able to garner 300 views by this coming Wednesday. Did you hear that? EXTRA CREDIT!

I am calling on the Starcasm army to suit up and click, click, click the buh-jabbers out of this video! Tweet it to your friends with the words “OMG! Lady Gaga is pregnant!” or “How to get a free iPad” – whatever it takes! We can do this thing! Actually, let’s not stop at 300 – I’m thinking 10,000!

Ain’t she great? I’ll try to remember to post a view count Tuesday night at 11:59 PM.

In case you’re wondering why I like Ashley so much, read my profile post about her and her blog – it’s really amazing stuff! (It’s so good to hear she’s in college – Perhaps we should set up a PayPal account to raise money to cover her tuition like Jezebel did for Catelynn and Tyler?) Stay tuned – I plan on doing a “What has Ashley Been Up To” post soon to catch up on what all has happened since the last post – which seems like years ago now!