16 & Pregnant Season 7 cast names, social media links, baby deets & more!

MTV 16 and Pregnant Season 7 cast 2021

MTV has just released a preview trailer for a brand new season of 16 and Pregnant featuring five new moms! We put on our detective gear and dug up as much information as we could on the new couples and their babies — including names, ages, social media links, photos, and birthdays!

We will kick things off with the dramatic preview trailer:

The new season of 16 and Pregnant is set to premiere on Tuesday, March 16 at 9/8c.

OK, now we will break the cast down in alphabetical order!

UPDATE – MTV has issued official blurbs for each of the moms and I have added them in below.

16 and Pregnant Abygail Reade and Adrian Castro

Abygail Reade and Adrian Castro

From Henderson, Nevada

Daughter Ava-Rose Elaine born January 17, 2021

Abygail is currently 17 and was 16 when she got pregnant with her daughter. She has stated numerous times online that she was on IUD birth control when she got pregnant, but she says that we will have to tune in to the show for the full story on that.

Abygail states on Facebook that she started school at UNLV in August of last year. She seems a little young to have graduated high school and started college? Once again, we will probably learn more when the show airs.

Adrian is more than three years older than Abygail. He lists his current occupation as electrician, so hopefully he has a steady income and can provide financially.

From MTV:

Abygail is a gifted honor student who graduated high school two years early to pursue her bachelor’s degree at age 16. She had her future all planned out, so it was a shock when she found out she was pregnant. Now managing a complicated pregnancy, she is hopeful that her boyfriend Adrian can step up and help her raise their daughter. Her mom offers them a lot of assistance but Adrian’s mom relies on him to help support the household, which is adding stress on both the families and the young couple.

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * * Are Abygail and Adrian still together? It appears so! The two seem quite chummy on social media with Abygail posting something funny about Adrian on Facebook as recently as Wednesday.

Abygail on Instagram: @abyga.il
Adrian on Instagram: @a.castro4.6

MTV 16 and Pregnant Kyla Jones new season 2021

Kyla Jones and Jaboire Ellerbe

From Gastonia, North Carolina

Son Kasen Lamont Jones was born October 5th, 2020 at 2:02PM via C-Section.

Kyla looks to have a big personality, as evidenced by her boisterous laugh-laden YouTube channel. It’s titled “KY & DEE Unlimited” and is co-hosted by Kyla’s bestie Dee.

On Instagram, Jaboire gave every indication that he intended to be in his son’s life. “Ima be the dad to you that I didnt have❤️,” he captioned a gallery of two images of Kasen as a newborn.

From MTV:

Kyla, who lives with her aunt, has always had a complicated relationship with her mom. Kyla’s boyfriend Jaboire also has a difficult relationship with his mother and has found a home living with Kyla’s mom, which creates an interesting dynamic. The couple always had a great relationship, until Jaboire was forced to choose between hanging out with his friends or maintaining the safety of Kyla and their baby due to COVID-19. While adjusting to the demands of motherhood, Kyla finds herself struggling to navigate this new territory with Jaboire while also trying to mend her fractured relationship with her own mom- which is even more complicated due to their living situation.

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * * Are Kyla and Jaboire still together? Neither of them have many posts about each other on social media, but Kyla shared an image with Jaboire (I’m pretty sure – he’s wearing a cap pretty low and a phone is hiding his face from the nose down) on Facebook on February 15. And Jaboire’s Facebook still says “In a relationship with Kyla Jones.”

Kyla on Instagram: @ky.g0ddessss
Jaboire on Instagram: @playboi.boire

16 and Pregnant Selena Gutierrez

Selena Gutierrez and Sean ?

From Fountain, Colorado

Daughter Dareli Marie Gutierrez was born October 7, 2020 and weighed 5 pounds, 12 ounces.

There are a number of photos of Dareli’s dad with Selena online, but I was not able to get any additional information on him. I will continue to investigate and I will update this post when I know more about him.

Selena was 16 when she gave birth, and looks to have still been 15 when she got pregnant. In what will most certainly be a big story line on the show, Selena’s sister gave birth to baby girl on October 1. That was less than a week before her cousin Dareli was born!

From MTV:

Selena — though not the youngest — is the baby of her 20 member family, so her pregnancy with her boyfriend Sean came as a shock to everyone in her bustling household. Selena’s family does not approve of their intense and often rocky relationship, which is making it difficult for the young parents to settle down. Complicating things even more, Sean’s mom Mary has a debilitating condition and he often feels torn between caring for his mom and being there for Selena and the baby.

UPDATE – HEre’s an extended preview clip for Selena and Shawn from their episode:

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * * Are Selena and Dareli’s dad still together? As you might could have guessed from my inability to find any information on him, it appears as though Selena and Dareli’s dad are no longer together. (That’s Selena’s brother in the trailer telling Dareli’s dad, “You don’t give a f*** about her! You don’t give a f*** about your kid!”)

Selena on Instagram: @lena.gtzzz

16 and Pregnant mom Shelby Stults

Shelby Stults and ???

From Springfield, Illinois

Daughter Alaya Leraé was born December 20, 2020 at 4:48am and weighed 7 pounds, 2ounces.

Shelby looks to have been 17 when she got pregnant, then turned 18 before welcoming her daughter in December. She is the one in the trailer who says, “My ex has a six-month-old baby with a different girl.”

She says that she planned to join the Air Force, but that has been put on hold. She still wants to join the Air Force, then go to dental school.

From MTV:

Shelby is preparing for the birth of her baby with her ex, who already has another baby with his on-again, off-again girlfriend. Despite their unique situation, Shelby is very close with her ex’s family and hopes they will be supportive when her baby is born. Shelby is confident she can raise her daughter on her own but the future of successfully co-parenting with her ex is uncertain.

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * * Are Shelby and Alaya’s dad still together? Shelby has a few videos uploaded to her YouTube channel in which she answers questions. One question she is asked more than once is whether or not she is currently single. On September 10 she said she was “very single.” She mentioned in the clips that she dated her best friend (and occasional YouTube co-host) Alena’s brother at one time, but I believe that ended before she got pregnant. We’ll have to tune in to know for sure.

Shelby on Instagram: @shelbystults

16 And Pregnant mom Taylor Luck and dad Desmond Townsend

Taylor Luck and Desmond Townsend

From Sauk City, Wisconsin

UPDATE – Initially I did not have a lot of information on Taylor, but that has since changed. The information below has been added since the original post:

Taylor welcomed a son on February 16, 2021. The father of the baby is named Armani, but Taylor has been dating Desmond throughout her pregnancy and he wants to be a stepdad to Taylor’s son.

As a random bit of trivia, Taylor attended the Wisconsin national guard challenge academy at Fort McCoy for more than five months beginning in July of 2019.

From MTV:

Taylor is expecting a baby with her ex, Armani. A week before Taylor found out she was pregnant, Armani blocked all of her texts and social media accounts. The news was devastating for her and a huge disappointment to her parents. Soon after, she found support in Armani’s friend Desmond and they started dating. Now, with her pregnancy fast approaching, she’s struggling to figure out how to maintain her current relationship with Desmond while also ensuring that Armani is an active part of their baby’s life.

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * * Are Taylor and Desmond still together? Yes. Both of them have shared photos together online very recently. Taylor’s Facebook page states that she is currently “in a relationship.” Meanwhile, Desmond officially changed his Facebook status to “in a relationship” in October of last year.

As more information comes in I will try to continue to update this post so that all of the basic information is included. Stay tuned!

UPDATE – Here’s is an extended preview trailer for all five episodes from MTV!

16 and Pregnant Season 7 premieres on Tuesday, March 16 at 9/8c on MTV.

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