Pre-show interview videos with Kayla Jackson of 16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant's Kayla Jackson answers Formspring questions in a Youtube video

16 and Pregnant‘s Kayla Jackson is a Formspring gal! In addition to answering well over 8,000 questions from friends, family, fans, haters and random spammers on the popular Q&A site she also treated her readers by answering some of their questions via recorded web cam videos!

There are two videos total – both of which feature cameo appearances by her adorable son Preston Michael, who seems undaunted by being in front of a camera. (Then again, I suppose he has had a bit of practice!) In the clips Kayla answers all sorts of questions about Preston, Preston’s dad Mike, her pregnancy, and anorexia. She even tries her hand at responding to some generic Formspring hatespeak like “Why are you a sl*t?”

Because they were recorded with a low-quality web cam the audio quality is a bit rough. She somehow sounds like she’s underwater and in outer space at the same time! (She explained to her readers that whenever she used her digital video camera the files were too large to upload to Youtube.) Also, Kayla seems a bit nervous in the first video and as a result talks a bit fast – something she addresses in video number two.

The most surprising quote for me? “If I could be pregnant forever I would honestly do it.”

Thanks to Kayla for sharing the videos! To find out more about Kayla, Preston and Mike be sure to see our profile post on her with more info than you can shake a stick at! Also, don’t miss Kayla’s special hour-and-a-half episode of 16 and Pregnant premiering tonight on MTV at 9/8c!