16 and Pregnant’s Jordan Ward is pregnant again with a little girl

16 and Pregnant's Jordan Ward is pregnant again

Shocking news on the 16 and Pregnant front! Jordan Ward, the twin sister from St. Louis who kicked off Season 3 a number of weeks ago, is pregnant again!

According to blog “Frankly, my dear…” Jordan and her husband Brian Finder found out about their second unplanned pregnancy 10 weeks ago and it was soon after that Brian decided to join the Air Force. They have already learned the sex of the baby and it looks as though Noah will have a little sister come November!

As you might expect, the couple is very concerned about the negative reactions this announcement will probably elicit from fans an critics of the show alike. From Frankly, my dear…

If there’s anything Jordan wants people to know it’s that being on birth control would have been the responsible thing to do. She was not trying to conceive but it happened and now they are welcoming a new addition to the family.

Jordan and Brian were one of the few feel-good stories on 16 and Pregnant this season as baby daddy Brian Finder seemed fully committed to Jordan and their son Noah. I’m sure his decision to join the Air Force was motivated by his desire to provide for his family – both with a reliable source of income as well as a source of medical insurance for the four of them. He will reportedly begin basic training in California in July and Jordan will soon be relocating to the Golden State to be with him.

Jordan Ward and Brian Finder wedding picture

I already had suspicions that Jordan Ward was a prime candidate for Teen Mom 3 because her and Brian are very likable and the fact that MTV didn’t use any of their footage from the couple’s wedding in her episode. Plus, there was no mention of the wedding – or even the engagement for that matter – during Jordan’s after show interview, in which she can clearly be seen wearing a ring.

Now, I can only assume that if MTV does move forward with a Teen Mom 3 that they will certainly extend an invitation to Jordan and Brian to participate! Watching this young couple deal with a second unexpected teen pregnancy while they both also struggle through adapting to the military lifestyle could easily be its own show.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. I’m in complete agreement with Frankly, my dear… in that obviously this is something that should have been avoided, but that being said I wish the Wards all the best and I hope the admirable qualities they possess that helped them through their first pregnancy and birth will allow them to make it through a second time. I admire Brian’s decision to join the Air Force but I hate knowing Jordan will be away from her sister and grandmother, who seemed to be so supportive (aside from Jessica’s jealousy issues) during her first go around. Hang in there Jordan!

And speaking of Jordan’s twin sister Jessica, she was quick to offer up her words of support via her Facebook page:

im so happy for them! i know its a shocker to hear me say this, but im so glad jordan found a guy like brian, he is a wonderful father and husband!!! … they are probably the most responsible couple on the show! they are amazing parents! and that baby is bless to have them as parents!:]

To find out more about Jordan, Noah and Brian be sure to check out our pre-episode profile post with all sorts of photos and biographical info! For more photos from the couple’s wedding click here!

(I think I remember from the first season of 16 and Pregnant that Ebony would have been on Teen Mom except that the military base she was going to live on didn’t allow filming? Does that sound right? If that’s the case then perhaps Teen Mom 3 won’t be an option for Jordan and Brian.)

UPDATE – Jenelle Evans’ official fan page shared this screen capture from Jordan Ward’s personal fan page that includes a confirmation from Jordan as well as a sonogram photo:

Jordan Ward from 16 and Pregnant confirms on facebook that she is pregnant again

In case you’re having difficulty making out the words, it reads:

Well everyone has been asking..Noah is gonna be a big brother. Looks like it’s gonna be a girl. 🙂 we will know 100% June 21. But there was definitely nothing between the legs [:

UPDATE 2 – Jordan Ward finally addressed the pregnancy herself on her Facebook page. Sadly, it was in reaction to all the inevitable commenters who had negative things to say:

I’ve read every comment on here. Yes I’m pregnant again. I really do not care if you think it’s wrong. I am married, we pay for everything , we aren’t living off of family or anything. We pay rent , we own our car, for insurance, pay for food, pay for our cell phones, pay for clothes and whatever Noah needs. And we are moving in a house in august. && here’s a kicker….. I AM THE ONE WHO TAKES CARE OF NOAH 24/7!

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