Pregnant Nikkole Paulun says baby’s father Ryan Rice abused her multiple times

Nikkole Paulun and Ryan Rice with Lyle

Fans of 16 and Pregnant probably remember Nikkole Paulun’s episode from Season 2 featuring her as-yet-unborn son Lyle’s rather unsavory father Joshua Drummonds, who is currently back in prison serving a two-plus-year sentence for a variety of offenses. As bad as Josh was on screen, Nikkole later wrote a lengthy blog entry about all the horrible stuff we didn’t get to see.

Now Nikkole is 19-weeks pregnant, this time with a little girl, but it looks like her situation with the unborn child’s father is very similar. No, it’s not Joshua (unless the prison he is in allows conjugal visits from non-spouses), but her on-again, off-again boyfriend of just over a year, Ryan Rice.

Nikkole Paulun and Ryan Rice in November of 2013

Nikkole Paulun and Ryan Rice in November of 2013

21-year-old Nikkole reveals to Teen Mom Junkies that she and Ryan first met in November of 2013, and despite an initial reluctance on her part, the two began dating shortly after. Less than two months later was the first instance of abuse that Nikkole recalls, which took place at her mother’s house when her mother was not there. After an altercation about “trust issues,” Nikkole says Ryan pulled her out of the bathroom (where she had been hiding) by her hair and dragged her into the living room.

She says he demanded that she drive him home, and Nikkole agreed. But, once he was outside, she shut and locked the door and informed him he needed to find a way home on his own. She says Ryan kicked in the door and then dragged her by her hair to the car and forced her to drive him home.

Ryan apologized repeatedly on the way home, but Nikkole was done with him. That is, until she got home and saw the damage to her mother’s house. Nikkole panicked and called Ryan to come clean up the mess as much as possible, and then she elected to stay the night at Ryan’s place with him instead of face the wrath of her mother when she returned home.

Nikkole says the abuse continued after that, and she even called the police at one point, but she did not press charges. From Teen Mom Junkies:

Nikkole said that the last straw this time around was an argument that ended up with her being thrown to the ground and blacking out. She cut all ties with Ryan, but found out that she was expecting his child less than a week later. She told Ryan about the pregnancy, and after her first ultrasound he decided that he wanted another chance with Nikkole. He said he was sorry and that he loved her and Nikkole said that if he could turn his life around, stop partying, and be supportive, that they could give things another try. Once again, this didn’t last, and the reckless behavior on Ryan’s part kept taking place. Ryan was allegedly driving drunk one night on the way to Taco Bell with his pregnant girlfriend in the car. Nikkole decided to formally end the relationship about a week and a half ago, and has told him that she doesn’t want him at appointments for their daughter any more. She has said that if he’s cleaned up his act by the time their daughter is born, that he can be a part of her life, but that it all depends on his actions between now and then. He’s reportedly trying pretty hard to get her back, and is sending her explicit pictures and messages about how he’s changed. He refuses to talk about the abuse, and has not sought counseling for any of it, so for now, Nikkole is not allowing him in her life.

(If you follow the link to Teen Mom Junkies above you can see some censored versions of the explicit photos allegedly sent by Ryan to Nikkole.)

Nikkole Paulun Ryan Rice together

So how did Nikkole get pregnant? That’s a story that will most assuredly have Dr. Drew shaking his damn head should there be another 16 and Pregnant Season 2 Reunion show. Ryan was reportedly being “careless with sex” and Nikkole got onto him about it. He explained that he probably wasn’t able to have kids “or else he would have had several kids by now.”

Nikkole admits they had unprotected sex for a year before she realized Ryan wasn’t sterile after all.

She also says Ryan has a 35-year-old married sugar momma and a history of abuse with other women.

As bad as the situation seems, I’m guessing it will only get worse once Lyle’s dad Joshua gets out of prison, which according to online records, could be as early as this March.

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