Blink-182 Travis Barker seen without wedding ring, is he divorcing Kourtney?

Is it “time to break up”? Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has been seen without his wedding ring recently and it has fans freaking out!

Is there trouble in paradise with wife Kourtney Kardashian Barker? Hardly. Looks like there’s another explanation for his lack of jewelry and honestly, the story is even more wild than divorce!

Blink-182 world tour

Travis Barker is gearing up for a worldwide tour with his legendary pop-punk band Blink-182.

For the first time in years, the original members of the group (Tom DeLong, Mark Hoppus) will be performing together along with Barker who joined the band in 1998.

Since surviving a scary plane crash in 2008, Barker had sworn off flying, making travelling overseas difficult. Thanks to his gorgeous wife, Poosh founder Kourtney Kardashian, he has gotten his confidence back and is ready to jet-set… drums in tow!

Since Kourtney is to thank for the epic reunion, it would be pretty shocking if they broke up a month before the tour started… but fans can rest assured, there is no reality to these reality star rumors!

Barker’s broken finger

The real reason Barker isn’t wearing his wedding ring in recent snaps is actually kind of… gross?

The drummer has been preparing for tour with endless practicing, and in the process seems to have rocked out way too hard.

Feb 8th the star posted about ‘smashing’ his finger.

Yikes! That would explain why he can’t wear his rings. For the second time in two weeks, Barker shared yet another snap of injuring his finger “AGAIN.”

Gruesome! So, it turns out that while the updates might be bad for his ligaments, its all good news for Kravis fans… the two are still very much together.

The finger injuries don’t seem to be stopping him – the tour is still scheduled to kick off in Tijuana on March 11!

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