16 & Pregnant Jamie McKay seeking sole custody, cites baby-daddy ‘history of cocaine abuse’

Jamie McKay and Ryan McElrath of 16 & Pregnant Season 3

Last night we ran a lengthy piece on 16 & Pregnant’s Jamie Mckay and her overall dissatisfaction with how her episode and portrayal of baby-daddy Ryan McElrath turned out.  The Asheville native vented some of her frustrations via Facebook, singling out Ryan’s multiple DUI arrests and cocaine use in the defense of her no longer wanting to be associated with the young father of her daughter without some SERIOUS changes in his lifestyle.

She concluded by stating that, “I just want everyone to know I didn’t take Miah from Ryan. He sees her once a week at supervised visitation. And that’s how it will be till he stops hanging with bad people and doing bad things.”

Well I guess bad boy Ryan wasn’t able to quit hanging with the wrong crowd because Jamie has filed court papers in an attempt to gain sole custody of their baby daughter Miah!  TMZ got their wide-reaching hands on the court documents which revealed that the young mother is claiming that Ryan is, “not responsible and not in a position to provide a stable environment.”  From what we’ve seen that sounds like an understatement!

The official papers filed back on January, 4th go on to rehash the already laid out allegations that McElrath has a, “history of driving while under the influence of alcohol” in addition to a “history of cocaine abuse.”  Exactly how on Earth does MTV keep finding these no good baby making boys that refuse to face reality and become men?

The papers lay out a plan of action for Ryan to be able to have some sort of involvement in his baby’s life.  McKay wants Ryan to only be allowed to visit little Miah at a supervised visitation center (which she stated previously is the current situation) which is a court monitored facility for these types of unfortunate situations.  She also wants baby-daddy to complete a parenting class (hello!) and to get his backside tested for alcohol and drugs as needed.  The couple is due back in court on June 13.

As for Ryan’s take, he told TMZ that, “She’s doing this just to cause problems … it will all clear out in court.”  I’m wondering exactly what is going to clear out?  I ask you readers do we have yet another delper on our hands?

MTV, I am begging you.  If you have a happy ending, two kids in a bad mess but work it out and figure things out together situation, please run that one next week.  More Jordan Ward from epsiode 1 you could say.  I am fully in the corner of defending the show’s unfiltered ability to communicate that teen pregnancy usually results in a sh!t storm but many of our readers who were in the same situation have posted tales of survival and yes, happiness.

We need this, we need some hope here ASAP! No court, no fights, just some kids making the right choices and I don’t even expect a fairy tale ending, a happily ever after.  Mom and Dad could end up apart but in agreement and civil and loving to the little baby they brought into the world.

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  • mogforu

    I wish they would run a story like that. I’m getting tired of seeing immature children on the show. I know these situations usually end bad. Its just me and my wife were teen parents and are happily married(been together for eight years) with a second child. these kids need to learn (especially the teen mom dads) that even though this was not planed you need to grow up quick and get responsible.Me and my wife love the show, but would like to see a couple more like us (though that probably be a pretty boring episode).

  • Vanessa

    Did she know all about the cocoaine abuse before she was pregnant. But yet she knew about this and still decide to have unprotected sex with him and get pregnant by him this is the problem . With these teen mothers they sleep with jerk off and then are always shocked when he not around or do something stupid and they cry about not having the kid father around . And not having a little family when in fact it’s the girls fault for picking a jerk to be a father for their kids these girls have no sense of standards and respect for themselves to not let just any guy who says the right things in your bed. Girls need to be smart and have more self respect worry less about guys more about school and being young and living your life to the full. What happen to the days when you turn 16 you get car or wanted a party now a days it’s like once you turn 16 your family and friends are throwing you a baby shower.

  • jalissababe

    I’m and so tired of MTV finding these no good LOSERS they doon’t do anything but cause problems

  • Sara

    As much as I love this show, I think they should stop it. Young girls see these other girls in 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom and think that they can do it too. Seeing a chance to become a star on TV. Its glamorizing to them.
    Why can’t people just use birth control, condoms, whatever.. OR keep their legs closed.

  • sabryna

    It is just silly to blame the girls for what the “baby-daddy” is doing.

  • Vanessa

    It’s both the teenager fault why there in the situation Jamie knew full well that This guy who she choose and willing slept without any sort of protect was a bad guy and she got pregnant by him so she is in fact partly to blame . There no way that Jamie didn’t know he was on drugs or drinking she knew what type of guy he was and she slept with him I dont think Jamie is a angel like she potray her self to be if Ryan was into this crazy scene there no doubt in my mind that Jamie was also into the whole drug and alcohol scene as well what does this say about jamies character I’m so sick and tired of this sixteen pregnant girls also whining abou how the guy did this and that you knew what the guy was all about before you slept with him so you lay down with dogs you get fleas

  • duh

    Agreed with Vanessa, why would you even get with/stay with/have a baby with someone with a drug problem or a criminal record in the first place? Let me guess ”Because I loved him” Yeah, of course. Like Chelsea Houska, she cried and whined because she “wanted her family” & Adam didn’t change after Aubrey came along and was a piss poor dad and cheated on her multiple times. Uhm,did she HONESTLY expect anything different? Some girls are so naive,or just plain stupid.Have you ever heard “Sex won’t make him love you and a baby won’t make him stay”? It’s true. People don’t just change because a kid comes along so do yourself a favor,use a condom and save yourself from the bullsh*t until you’re old enough to make better choices on picking men.

  • Veronica

    I saw the clip on Unseen Moments when Ryan was crying because he didn’t get to see Miah. He may be a bad person but you can tell he truely loves his daughter. I just don’t think that’s right to completely take Miah away from him.