MUG SHOT Florida woman hides knife in ‘lady area,’ pills and another knife in fat rolls

Gloria Perez mug shot hid knife in vagina pills and another knife in fat rolls

Sometimes these “shocking headlines” are just too good or gruesome to pass up.  This was without question one of those circumstances on both fronts.

28-year-old Gloria Perez of, wait for it…, Ft. Meyers, Florida* got caught up in a little police bust back around April 24th after being involved in a street fight with another female.  After breaking up the altercation an officer with the Lee County Sheriff Department noticed that Gloria appeared unsettled and nervous and, “kept on putting her hands into her pockets and near her private area like she was trying to conceal something.”

Something like a knife in her vajayjay!?!  Well actually that came after an initial body search of the 5’4″ 180lb Perez revealed a stash of pills that she did not have prescriptions for.  Once she got to the hospital folks in the medical staff came across a few hidden surprises including a knife hidden in a crevice of fat on her stomach and even more pills also hidden in a roll of fat.

The biggest surprise of all of course was the reason that she was admitted to the hospital in the first place.  Gloria Perez allegedly hid a knife in her vagina and as you could imagine that didn’t sit too well with her insides.  As of this post Gloria remains in jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond.

*I would like to add my frequent disclaimer about the Florida shot in letting any upset Sunshine State readers know that I too reside in the great southern state but can no longer avoid the fact that way too much of this type of crazy mess happens down here!

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