PHOTO Jenelle Evans’ father Robert Evans didn’t even know she was on Teen Mom 2, or a mom at all!

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans photo

Jenelle Evans made her explosive debut on the series premiere of Teen Mom 2 Tuesday night, but the shock of seeing Jenelle’s combustible relationship with mom Barbara Evans is nothing compared to the shock felt by Jenelle’s dad Robert Evans, who just recently found out Jenelle is a mom!

Robert Evans is Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans' dadThat’s right, Jenelle’s father didn’t even know she had given birth to Jace, much less that she was on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2. This is according to Star magazine who offer an exclusive interview with Robert Evans’ sister (Jenelle’s aunt) Judy Ruane in this week’s issue.

“None of us has seen or heard from Jenelle since she and her older sister and brother, Ashleigh and Colin, moved to North Carolina in the late 1990s with her mom after her parents got divorced,” Ruane tells Star.

Just after learning of Jace’s birth from the magazine’s rep, Judy called Robert Evans to tell him. “He was shocked — there was total silence on the phone,” Judy said. “He clearly was stunned by what’s happened.”

From Star:

For more on Robert’s reaction and details on Jenelle’s fractured family, pick up the new issue of Star, on newsstands now! Plus: See Jenelle’s pot bust mug shot and check out our exclusive photos of Jenelle as a baby — you won’t believe her transformation!

UPDATE – Jenelle posted the Star story on her Facebook fan page, which elicited a number of comments, some of which were addressed by Jenelle:

Q: wow is this true??
Jenelle: no, my dad is the one that refused to continue to visit us and we moved to NC in 2004.. not the late 1990’s.

Q: why did he refuse to visit?
Jenelle: idk.. maybe becuz my mother met my stepfather.

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  • http://teenmom Jenelle

    hi gril dot know who are tlak still him will tell friends sroyy when boo was with me he was good you have no room to say anything. I was a teen mom but no i didnt party i raise my now 4 year old by myself but still until you are in her shoes and go through it your self shut up
    on me boo by with me by he boo Jenelle

    • Lauren

      hey if this is really the jenelle off of teen mom i would just like to say that the video of u smoking pot is hilarious, i have one thats similar to it and actually ppl say we look exactly alike lol, like over 50% of america smokes bud and just because ur on the tv show “teen mom” ppl are going to make a big deal about it. dont mind them and dont mind the comments i prly get about this. life is about learing things on your own and i just turned 20, no i dont have a child but im sure your doing everything u can, so props to u girl!…and as far as smoking pot goes,..i think that what ppl do to relax in there personal life shouldnt have anything to do with the media or anyone else. you have ur own lives ppl! leave jenelle alone n mind ur own business…
      jenelle, u seem like a cool bitch:)


  • http://teenmom Jenelle

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  • Crissy

    I guess that ALL of us who come home and fight with a spouse about who should take the garbage out, or us Moms who are constantly being called the “bad guy” for harping about unfinished homework….or even those of us who are just single and hate those one night stands – we can ALLLL be thankful for how trivial these problems are…in comparison to those of Janelle…& Family!

    Janelle has a HUGE ase of “I KNOW EVERYTHING”!!! …and unless she breaks down and finally admits that she know no MORE than the average APE…then she’s got a very long road ahead of her…with only burnt bridges in her rear view!

    P.s. I have a 23 year old with the same delusion of knowing it all…thankfully he hasn’t chosen the business of baby-making for a living…but if she doesn’t mind his spending every red cent on cars…then I think I may have the perfect match (my son!) for her!! You CAN love them…and not “like” them at the same time!

    • Erin

      Crissy, you should learn some proper grammar before you run your mouth and not spell correctly, swear, and call younger girls names. Yes she has her faults but so do you. We all have our faults. She is young, and at a young age I’m pretty sure we all “know it all” The best part I think is basically you comparing her to an APE! When you cant even speak right…if you have a 23 year old son, get off the internet looking at Clean the house or something.

  • kb

    jenelle is a good mom idc what anyone says

    • http://na ash

      You are an idiot she us a piece of crap Mom I’m glad she lost custody of jace all the other moms on the show can do it why can’t that dumb bitch do it i do I’m a mom and 18 she has no excuse she needs a good ass kicking

  • Rachel

    Jennelle is a young selfish mother who has a lot of growing up to do. She just like most, but not all, girls her age. They only thing importatnt to them is themsleves. I know I have two 21 year old girls myself. hopefully Jenelle will grow up REAl soon and realize that she is missing some of the most important times of her babys life right not. Hes getting at the age where he is learning who people are and and he is also at the age where he will start determing on his own who he wants to be a part of hs life and if she not around to show him love and be a mother and show some grown~up responsibilites towards her baby then it will be his choice on his own to not want her to be a part of hi life and thats a sad and hard decision for a kid his age to have to determine. Bless his heart and hopfully she will grow up and start being adult about thing.

    • Caitlin

      This is pretty much the same thing that I was about to write. I was also going to add that there is a strong possibility of this poor kid developing reactive attachment disorder – Which is why I commend Barbara for taking custody of Jace. Jenelle fans may feel that it was horrible, but SOMEONE needed to assure that this boy would have a at least one constant in his life- and that sure wasn’t going to be Jenelle!

      • Brandy Barnett

        You are correct. The longer I see Jenelle the more she looks like someone with Reactive attachment disorder. I see it in her relationship with her Mom, boyfriends, friends, and son. Moms with these issues can easily parent in ways that ensure that the kids have them too

  • Brooke

    Okay, this is so stupid! Ppl quit giving her excuses just bc ur young don’t mean NOTHING I’m 19 and have two kids I’m perfectly fine and grown up and my mommy ain’t taking care of my kids! This is why u should know what ur doing when u have sex Perfect example unless ur positive ur with the person for the rest of ur life keep it in ur pants!!! P.s. She’s only genetically a mom I completely disagree with anyone who says she’s a good mom she’s not a mom, she’s just a dumb child!

  • T

    Well not for nothin, but obviously this girl comes from a dysfunctional family. The mother is just as much to blame as the daughter…my god she constently screams at the kid and Jenelle constantly makes the wrong decisions. And the fact that her father hasn’t seen them in years is no big surprise, and if he really cared about his kids, he never would have lost contact. It’s amazing how easy it is for men to just walk away.

  • Brit

    This is childish shit…She is not a good mother at all and I agree she shouldnt have custody of Jace. And fighting over a dude is dumb as hell all I have to say is that she has a lot of growing up to do. And I pray that her son will not fall into her footsteps of being such an outrage mother.

  • Mariaa

    Your one crazy Person Haha And Thats Awesome.Jace is So Cutee!

  • Tiffany

    all i have to say is you need to act like a mom and stop being so stuck up and worring about you and your bf only. you have a child and you chose to have him and keep him. so straighten up and stop being immature. time to grow up and take care of that amazing baby. ur mom didnt get pregnant with him you did. so why is she taking care of him. im glad she took him away from you. you dont deserve to have him. he deserves better then you. so until you can learn to grow up and act normal without blowing up and your mom and everyone else and get ur priotys straight you dont ned a kid. shit you cant even stop being a kid your self.

  • http://heyjenelle betty

    jenelle evans i think u need to grow up and be a mom stop partying 24/7

  • Candace

    I had my daughter Destiny Angel when i was 16. Shes 2 now and I have taken care of her since day one. I had a reputation just like Jenelles but the day i found out i was pregnant with my daughter i smartend up and prepared myself to be a mom. I personally dont like people saying how shes a bad mother, she needs time to grow up it may not be anytime soon but it will happen. There is a special bond between a mother and her child and i know she wouldnt give up her son for anything in the world. As a young mother i was always labelled as an unfit mother just because of my age but once they saw how much i love my child they shut right up. MTV only puts the footage they want people to see that will give them more hits. You dont know Jenelles life story and quite frankly its none of our business. But she might have had a troubled past and that may make her what she is today.